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  • djsteveb


    Ran into a problem with ios devices playing mp4 videos via a multi-site networked site with buddypress and rtmedia with fmmpeg converter..

    host tells me it’s likely related to this code:

    #uploaded files
    RewriteRule ^(.*/)?files/$ index.php [L]
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !.*wp-content/plugins.*
    RewriteRule ^(.*/)?files/(.*) wp-includes/ms-files.php?file=$2 [L]

    This multi site was started prior to 2010
    (saw do mention if your network was created before June 2010 (version 2.9.2 or below). in the welcome post)
    – and I notice on the codex that there is no mention of these rules in the picture showing the htaccess that is created with current ms installs.. but looking at the old / previous pics int he codex wiki thing it does show.

    as the files play fine when going directly to the url, but not fine with viewed through wordpress which is being affected by the htaccess I guess.

    So.. main thing is how do I fix this not affecting the files in folders like
    http:// ourdomain

    of course I also wonder if this htaccess code should just be removed – or if removing it would cause problems for older files that were uploaded and linked to – not really sure what the code does.
    This is in reference to the issue I posted about here: – wish I could move that post from the regular wp forum to this one..

    but did not know at the time there was a multisite forum.. think I looked for wpmu in the forums and missed this “network” one..

    any thoughts on fixing this issue without breaking everything old?

    this was setup as subdomain not sub folder

    help apprecitated,


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  • jkhongusc


    > as the files play fine when going directly to the url, but not fine with viewed through wordpress which is being affected by the htaccess I guess.

    Our WP system started with 3.0 and uses the ms-files.php rewrite too. There is nothing wrong with our external and internal urls. Can you show me examples of the url that is not working. If I see what is broken, I may be able to help.



    The problem is with a site that is adults only / NSFW..

    my managed hosting people have confirmed that the videos work with windows desktop and some android – but not iOs devices, when viewed on site, eg:
    adultsonlyspace .com/members /admin/media/79107/
    (dont go to that url if naked people parts would offend you or anyone near you!)

    however, if you view the source and pull the file directly with ipad or whatever then it works.. so they are 99% sure it’s the htaccess files thing – as removing that line makes it work..

    using buddypress with rtmedia plguin, and rtmedia ffmpeg video converter, wp multi-site, subdomain setup. 2014 theme, slightly modded.

    reposting, as it looks like the terrible ux system is making the post disappear with no warning – so I have no idea what is going on – is it held for moderation? sent to the akismet blackhole?
    jeez! I read the forum rules, have been following them – trying to get help with a major issue here – and been a member / user for years – url filter still hates me – sigh.



    Tried to post it twice – but it looks like the over-bearing censorship system is not going to let me post it. meh.

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