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    Hey, love the plugin, but just sent a day trying to track down an odd sort of problem. Have several sites where the WP engine resides in a subdirectory (e.g http://example.com/wordpress/) with just the specialized ‘index’php’ in the root directory – and font fails silently in these sorts of installations. All of the customizations and special features work and seem to apply, but then just disappear when you click ‘save’. It looks as if font is functioning correctly in the subdirectory (document root for wordpress), but drops out of the CSS when the wordpress document root is extended to the web root (like font‘s looking for its plugin directory in the wrong place). Funky, huh?

    Other than moving the entire wordpress installation into the root directory, is there a way to get the custom font modifications to work in these sorts of installs?

    Many thanks, and kudos again for a great plugin. 😀


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    Hi vbobnet,
    I’m happy that you like the plugin. Thank you for this detailed description of a problem. With the next update I’ll try to reproduce it and see what I can do.

    best regards,



    From what I gather, this is certainly a bug. I have WordPress installed to a subdirectory, and the plugin fails to pull the font files from the correct directory due to it.

    My WordPress is currently installed to:

    Because of this, my settings in the Panel are set the the following:
    WordPress Address (URL): http://www.example.com/wp/
    Site Address (URL): http://www.example.com/

    The majority of my pages are stored on the server and work like the following:

    The styles originally work and the font files are properly downloaded to their folder at:

    But when a page such as /about/ tries to load them, it fails as it is looking in the wrong directory, like so:

    So, in summary, the plugin looks at the site address instead of the wordpress address for some reason, and is therefore missing the correct WordPress directory when trying to pull the font files. Shouldn’t be too difficult of a fix, as WordPress has built in functions for pulling both URLs.

    Plugin Author killerdeveloper


    Hi guys,
    I just uploaded the latest version which fixes the problem.




    Yup, that works for me. Thanks!

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