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    Probably simple, but I cannot figure it out…

    In WP-ImageFlow2:

    1. How do I remove the image titles?
    2. How do I randomize the order of the photos?

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  • To remove the image titles you can add this to your css:

    .wpif2_captions: display: none !important;

    If you are using a built-in gallery you can order the images randomly by specifying orderby=RAND in the shortcode.

    Hope this helps,


    Bev – Thanks. I got the random part working…

    on the .wpif2_captions: display: none !important;

    does that go into the .css of my theme or of the plugin itself…either way, I tried…it just moved the text around to different places….is there a place where I can change the color of the text to match the black background?

    Thank you very much for your help.


    nm…that setting is in the “Settings”. Thanks.

    Sorry, the code should have read:

    .wpif2_captions {display:none !important;}

    It can go in either your theme or the plugin css file. If you add to your theme it will be retained over plugin upgrades.

    Further to the OP’s question, is there a way to remove captions from the Lightbox element of the plug-in? I can’t seem to find whether this is part of the css or something else?

    Many thanks!

    The lightbox captions are in a div with ID wpif2_topboxcaption. So you can remove them by adding this to your CSS:

    .wpif2_topboxcaption {display:none !important;}

    ive added .wpif2_topboxcaption {display:none !important;} to wp-imageflow2/css/screen.css but the filename caption remains on the lightbox.

    Sorry, there was a typo in my previous post – styling an ID would, of course, require:
    #wpif2_topboxcaption {display:none !important;}

    that did it. thx!

    Unhappyness for me, it doesn’t suppress title.
    I added
    #wpif2_topboxcaption {display:none !important;}
    at the end of wp-imageflow2/css/sreen.css
    Any mistake ?
    I’m using multifolder way (not the media gallery)
    thanks in advance,

    looks good to me. ive also got the following right before that.
    .wpif2_captions {display:none !important;}

    maybe it requires both? its been a while since i did it.

    The wpif2_captions line will suppress the title in the carousel

    The wpif2_topboxcaption line will suppress the titles in the lightbox

    I tend to notice posts much sooner if you post on the plugin page of my website.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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