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  • Hello 🙂

    Does any one know how I go about…

    OK to start again. I have my homepage with two iFrames on it; one with the WP sidebar in it and another with the blog content in it. Is there any general way to have all of the hyperlinks in the sidebar inside iframe 1 which is called _content1 target iFrame 2 which is called _content2.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction. I’m not sure what files to start looking at since it’s all put together with PHP pulling the bits together. Which file .php or otherwise controls the target of the hyperlinks- or do they have no target and just automatically open in the same window. If this is the case can I give them a target?

    I’ve tried to put my problem across as clearly as possible but please pester me for more information if needed. Thanks. 🙂

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  • just found this

    Member Ajay

    And in case you still want to go with the iframes

    In the archives page just before </head> add this:

    <base target=”name of index page iframe” />

    Change name of index page iframe to the iframe name
    of the index page.

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