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  • I’m having problems installing plugins and I’ve got this message on the dashboard.

    Incoming Links RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: Could not resolve host:; No data record of requested type

    I’ve deleted all recently installed plugins incase something was conflicting and I’ve googled this problem and only found unresolved answers, any help would be much appreciated

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  • If blogsearch is down or extremely busy you will get an error. It happens sometimes. Don’t worry about it. You can’t fix it anyway. It is Google’s problem.

    Yours almost looks like a DNS error, which is different. Do you have ssh access to the server, or does your server backend have a ping tool?

    Thank you, that is slightly reassuring.

    I don’t know what ssh access is and I don’t know what a ping tool is either. The site is hosted by a company I’ve not dealt with before and they are pretty tricky to get through to.

    I’ve got ftp access and that is about it as much as I know.

    I’ve got other wordpress blogs hosted with another company and they are fine. Do you think I’ll need to contact the server people about this one?

    I don’t know what ssh access is and I don’t know what a ping tool is either.

    Ok. It seems almost like you are getting a DNS resolution error. That is, the server can’t find the blogsearch IP address– can’t resolve the human readable domain name to an IP. The way to test that is to run dig (best) or ping from the server itself, but you need shell access or some other tool on the server to do that.

    Contact the “server people”, by which I assume you mean the host, yes.

    Seriously though, if your host is ‘tricky’ to get through to, get another host. Operating a site without host support is a horrible experience.

    You are a star, thank you so much, I’ll get in touch with them tomorrow. It’s a site I set up for someone who already had paid for hosting so they are stuck with them for the year they have paid with. The people I normally use are fantastic so I’ve been spoilt.

    Is it possible that I have done something to cause it to happen or is it just a server thing?

    I really appreciate your time replying, I’ve been googling for hours and getting just nowhere.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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