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  • I installed this plugin to help block spam bloggers from creating Viagra and Casino blogs. Now I am getting complaints that no new users can register for either a blog or username. I have tried registering myself and just get a blank page with a red rectangle on it. Any ideas?

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  • Do you have an example? Post a link.

    I have problems with WP-hashcash I’m afraid.

    Using BuddyPress and WPMU, all newest versions (WordPress MU 2.9.2, BuddyPress

    Comments in Blogs:
    – they all give the “0 is is not a valid hashcash value” we know from other comments about hashcash
    – I think you have the same problem on the plugin page I bet many good comments are in your moderation queue (mine is at least)

    BuddyPress Registrations:
    – blocked for all(!), no more spam registrations but also no more good registrations

    So, of course I had to deactivate the plugin and flag as broken. Which now leads to massive amounts of sploggers. Would be cool to see some reaction here or to the comments on the plugin website. Thanks!

    If I can help in any way, please tell me. I will try. Would be great to get this good idea out of broken state.

    sorry, it’s BuddyPress I’m using, the newest version as of now.

    I tested the user registration myself and the error message Hash-Cash showed was eomething like:

    “Didn’t pass Javascript check, enable Javascript in your browser” (more or less that).

    But, I tried different browsers, all had Javascript on. And other users also couldn’t register. Had an invitation to 14000 users running, so I recieved quite a ot of messages from users who couldn’t register. Had to open up for spam.

    Because of masses of spammers I gave it another try. I deleted the plugin first, then re-installed it (through the Admin UI plugin installer). Smae problem:

    “You did not pass a spam check. Please enable JavaScript in your browser.”

    It’s Safari 4.0.3 I tried it in this time (on WinXP). But I had tried it on a IE7 with the same problem.

    Funny thing: even if I had the plugin activated with the first two checkboxes switched OFF (signup & comments), the error message quoted above still apeared.

    About the “0 is is not a valid hashcash value” error.

    I’ve tested this plugin, and it’s a simple JavaScript error.

    You can correct it, by opening the PHP file and edit the function wphc_addhead() on line 357

    Just replace
    “if( jQuery )” with “if( typeof jQuery != “undefined” )” and
    “else if( Prototype )” with “else if( typeof Prototype != “undefined” )”

    It should work now. I’ll try to pass this information to the plugin author.

    @ruijssantos – thanks, but do you thinki that is also my problem on the registering side? (not comments but user registrations in BuddyPress)

    how did you get in touch with the plugin author? – the blog comments don’t get published on his plugin website since at least a few weeks… 😉

    Regular user registration works as well.

    Don’t know about BuddyPress registration, as I don’t use it and I’m not really familiared with the process.

    I haven’t got in touch with him yet. I was planning to, but I didn’t have the time to search his e-mail address or other options. I guess posting a comment on his blog won’t work, then… 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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