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  1. BlogKing2
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I have been using WP since version 1.2 and I am pissed off at the sloppiness that has crept into recent releases. The quick release cycle is counterproductive(except for security fixes). I am spending more and more time updating sites and dealing with broken features then ever. All for what? Features I did not ask for or get a vote on and worse that are not reliable and make the interface harder to use. Seems quality control from a usability standpoint has gone out the window.

    For example the old image poster was serviceable. The new ajaxy version takes up the whole screen, has less feature and now doesn't work at all to place an image in page(is it design to work only in posts??)Using FF3 with plugins. If is that fragile go back to the old one. Get off the new is better just because ajax is the buzz. Your decisions are costing me time and aggravation for no improvement.

    What's with the upgrade to wp xxxx on every page??
    Do you want to scare all my clients??
    Having a simple notice in the dashboard is sufficient.
    In addition it uses up valuable vertical space in the editor window.
    Why don't you just go all the way and put a banner ad in there :(
    I just don't get who is making these decision but they are out to lunch.

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