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  • dainismichel


    Hi All,

    Well, I decided to give WordPress a shot at Since I am creating a member community, I’ve been testing a whole lot of plugins, and the ones I have active right now are:

    Akismet 2.2.1
    cforms 9.1
    Email Users 3.1.5
    Google XML Sitemaps
    HidePost 2.3.5
    IWG Hide Dashboard 1.0.3
    podPress 8.8
    Profiler 1.2.8
    Register Plus 3.5.1
    Role Manager 2.2.2
    Subscribe To Comments 2.1.2 Stats 1.3.2
    Wordpress Automatic Upgrade 1.2.2
    wp-cache 2.1.2

    The only ones I’m really “using” are Hide Dashboard, Roles Manager, HidePost, and Register Plus. The rest seem to be either in the background (Google XML Sitemaps), or something I need to look into configuring, but haven’t yet (Podpress, Email Users, Profiler).

    Basically, can you help me figure out why the site is hanging? The site will just hang or I’ll see an internal server error, and I’m just going through the initial launch process, where it’s really important for people to be able to register. Also, the custom Registration form is essential, so I can’t remove that functionality.

    I removed all inactive templates from the server and am using the “amazing grace” template, which my gut tells me was done by a really great fella, so maybe it’s not the template…but maybe it is…dunno…

    Should I delete all of the inactive plugins from the server, and what percentage likelihood is the issue that I have “too many” inactive plugins? Does WP even “care” about inactive plugins? What could be causing the problem, and how can I go about resolving it?

    Best and thanks!

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  • elfin


    If/when I come across problems like this I would:

    disable all plugins and test.
    Then reactivate one plugin at a time and test again. That way you can hopefully identify which plugin is causing the problem. Obviously the first test can be used to check that the theme itself is ok.

    Hope that helps.



    You are right, and that’s a great procedure, except that the problem comes and goes, which I guess I didn’t make clear in my first post, but it makes testing the way you recommend basically impossible.

    I should have titled my post: WP Hangs, shows an Internal Server Error, then 10 minutes later, the site is back and working, then a day goes by with no site hanging, and then the site hangs again…after that…wait 10-30 minutes, and the site is up again.

    I removed all of the unused templates, and since then, I have not observed the issue. However, I have no idea if I’m in a “window” where the site is not hanging, or if my visitors are experiencing difficulties. Since I’m just building the community, if the site is down, people will leave, it’s not like they’ll send me an email saying “where’s my site?”

    If I disable all plugins, I’d have to surf the site for a few days, to see if the problem creeps up. Then I enable one plugin at a time, each time surfing the site non-stop for a week. Then, after 20 weeks, it all works, and then the site hangs, and I don’t know why.

    So, I am not aware of a way that I can test.

    Any suggestions?



    In that case it might be worth speaking to your hosting company – maybe the problem lies with them. If not they may be able to help identify problems.

    Next time your site hangs download the access logs and skim through them to see if anything stands out – its a long shot but occasionally you can see things in there. Also check the error.log for your site.

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