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  • I added a smily to my config-extra like this:
    " :'(" => 'crying.gif',
    And i just get an error when WP-GRINS displays all the smilies…
    I know it should be like
    ':'(' => 'crying.gif',
    but we all know that will give us an error…
    Anyone know how to properly do this?

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  • You probably need to escape the ‘ with \’ in the generated JS.

    Thanks Alex…i’m going to look into that.
    Also…is there a way to change the order the smiles show up in the function?

    RIght now I think they are alpha sorted.

    there’s a problem with my posting area, it keeps on saying
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_grins() in /quicktags.php on line 3
    even though i put in the correct codes

    Ok, I just did an update and lost a few things. I’m getting wp-grins back up but I can’t get the extra grins to show up with the rest of the quick tags, just the default grins. I’ve added the lines to wp-config-extra.php and I know that the gifs are in wp-images/smilies/ but it’s not working.
    What’s up?
    ‘:sing:’ => ‘sing.gif’,
    Is there a seperatefilefor the quicktag images?

    (forgivethe spacing, my spacebar is erratic.)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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