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  • Can anyone tell me if they have been able to get WP-Grins to work with the new wp update? 1.2.1?
    I updated recently and no longer have the smilies appearing. It stills says that the plug-in is activated. I’ve tried deactivating and reactivating. Even uploading it all again – but no luck.
    Anyone able to help?

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  • did you overwrite your quicktags.php file, wp-comments.php or your edit-form.php with the new one that the 1.21 install package? if so, then it overwrote your original one with the added tags for the wp-grins.

    what the heck, i sound like a broken record with that one! 🙂
    i meant to say maybe you need to add the wp-grins tags (as instructed in the readme ) in the respective php files then reupload them.

    Same problem here, and I double checked that <?php wp_grins(); ?> is in the quicktags.php file.
    Other than that, is there anything I need to put in any other files? I kinda remember having to define what smiley was what or where….And where am I supposedto put the actual smiley graphics? I currently have them under /wp-images/smilies
    (yes, wp_grins is in the plugin directory, and yes it is activated.)

    That is –
    Don’t I have to do things like tell it that

    Chanz and lokrin,
    You need to update your wp-includes/vars.php file with detail like what lokrin mentions…. My detail starts around line 115 in mine.

    well i thought it was a nice plugin and looked at the authors sample,so as i understand you still have to type in that ……whatever smileys ?
    Thought it was weird cause the smileys werent added in the file i downloaded… 🙁

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    wp_grins is the plugin, and uses the smilies that ship with wp.
    This plugin also does work with 1.2.1 and every version of 1.3 I’ve played with.
    If you want to use different smilies:

    Ok, that is now working! Thanks
    Now, is there anyway to sort them? I only use them on the main post page with quicktags. However, they appear in some odd order. Since I have several I’d like to order them some how, kinda like:

    yeah, what podz said. In my afternoon post-lunch coma, I meant to say if you wanted to add diff smilies, then go there. (Doh!)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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