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  • I’d been puzzled why all of a sudden, my widgets would stop working – I couldn’t, when going to the widget area, move them around or anything. Also, when I had the google calendar plugin installed, upon setting up the wp-greet program, not only would the widgets not work, the tool tips on the calendar(s) wouldn’t either.

    I finally narrowed it down – it’s the wp-greet program that’s the culprit. I removed the google calendar plugins, and it happened again, so if you want to use widgets with the weaver II theme, do NOT use the wp-greet plugin – there’s some kind of incompatibility issue. If someone else has found this, let me know, or is it just me?

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  • You may want to drop a line in the Weaver and Plugin Interaction section of the Weaver Forum

    Plugin Author tuxlog


    Can you give some more information about your setup please.

    Version of wp-greet
    Version of the theme
    Do you use any extra weaver stuff?

    If you use the free version I can try to test it.

    As far as I understood the problem occurs in the backend. correct? With version 3.2 of wp-greet the javascript files are only loaded with the forms page and are updated to the newest versions. Hopefully this will fix this problem.

    Sorry for delay – have been in hospital…

    setup is:

    wp-greet v 3.1
    theme (weaver II) v.1.3.2
    no xtra weaver stuff – it’s the free version (both). Have SEO.

    yes, in the backend- affects the front end (google calendar) as well I have the google calendar plugin, and on each page, is a small calendar of events (widget) with tooltip capability showing the event description on any given event date. Those tooltips stop working as well.

    Plugin Author tuxlog


    Hello gsaikin,

    first of all I hope you have recovered well from whatever brought you to the hospital.

    I have a beta version of wp-greet 3.2. and I think this will at least fix this problem. I think it was a sideeffect from jquery and other javascript components.

    You can fetch wp-greet 3.2. beta from

    But please be aware this is a beta and is not ready for a production site.

    Take care.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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