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  • I have a very odd problem with my wp-gravatar plugin, when a user comments instead of showing his image in the left side of his name it shows it exactly under the name, how can i change it to appear on the left of his name? i-m using wp 2.5.1 and illacrimo theme thanks.

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  • anyone?:(

    how the pic shows depends on theme, placement of code in comments etc. Various other things you have going on.

    It would be much easier for someone to help you if you included a url

    well where should i do the changes so that the immage will appear in the right place? i have to say that when i activate the plugin the position of the commenters name is also modified so i-m guessing that it has to do with the gravatars.php?

    without a url to see exactly what is happening I couldn’t tell you.

    However, have you gone to Settings gravatar and changed anything there so it matches your layout?

    Also this plugin has a support forum where they may be able to answer your question, again unless you blog for the CIA a link to see what is going on will help them.

    ok so i can-t let them stay there forever but i made a print of how it looks like . Now i want the picture to be on the left side of the name not under it.

    Also, on a side topic, 2.5.1 has built in support for gravatars. You don’t need a plugin.

    well without it it doesn`t work, can you tell me how to solve the problem based on that print?

    You just need to edit your theme and put the call to the gravatar functions in the right place, then edit your CSS to make them show up where you want.

    Without looking at your comments.php file, I can’t tell you what edits to make. Do you have a link to a copy of your theme?

    In the comments.php file, you’ll find this code:

    <?php if (function_exists('gravatar')) { ?>
     <span class="ListGrav">
     <img src="<?php gravatar("R", 25); ?>" alt="<?php comment_author() ?>"/>
     <?php } ?>

    Replace that with this code:

    <?php if (function_exists('get_avatar')) { ?>
    <span class="ListGrav">
    <?php echo get_avatar( $comment, 25 ); ?>
    <?php } ?>

    There you go. No more need for the plugin. Also, the gravatar settings on Settings->Discussion will now work correctly.

    As far as moving it around on the page, we will need a real link to your real live site. We can’t diagnose a problem like that through a picture. We have to see the live code.

    /me bows to otto42, thank you A LOT!!! it works now i just have to adjust the image size, that-s done from the style.css file right?

    That “25” in the code above is the image size, in pixels.

    this is my problem too…

    Avatar display : Show Avatars
    Maximum Rating : G — Suitable for all audiences

    How to show my avatar or gravatar in my post?

    anyone help? please…

    thank you wordpress, thank you gravatar…

    it works now…

    please check out my page… the gravatars are floating a little high, what CSS commands can I use to move them lower? I’m using the code otto suggested.

    Also, when i tried to make the gravatar bigger, 40px instead of 25px, it would only show the default image instead of the correct gravatar image, anyone know why?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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