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    I have an odd issue, that may or not be related to WP.

    A few days ago, a client site of mine was moved from shared hosting to a VPS and the PHP version updated from 5.2.x to 5.3.17. It had been running PHP 5.2 on the shared server. The problem arose right after the move was made.

    The problem is that whenever a post is updated, instead of WP staying in the Edit Post page, it goes to the master Posts page listing. The post copy is updated, but WP not staying on the Edit Posts page is very annoying.

    Even more annoying is that I have WordPress SEO installed and no data from it is saved within the post when the post is saved or updated. (e.g. keywords, meta data etc). I deactivated that plugin, but the problem remains. I also deactivated and removed several other plugins, and no luck there, either.

    When another client site was upgraded to PHP 5.4 the other week, I was also having issues with the Edit Post page, though in that case, it was a matter of the data within the post_content table not showing within the editor itself.

    All of this is making me think that WP might not be fully optimized for PHP versions 5.3 or 5.4.

    Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome. I would really hate to have to go back to PHP 5.2, as Zend is no longer supporting it, so it is a big security hole.

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  • In addition, some posts will return a 404 when trying to view them via the Preview button. While some others will go right back to the master Posts list page when doing so. While other posts will preview just fine. It is very random.

    Since the physical path to the site itself was changed when the move to the VPS was made, I wondering if there is something within the WP core that is stumbling over that change. At this point, it looks it could be anything.

    As for the live site, it is displaying fine.

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