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  • This is my first time using WordPress and PHP, and CSS for that matter.

    It’s a theme I made for my casual game review site. It probably looks absolutely horrible in older browsers, or IE… Probably bugs, too.

    It’s a work in progress!! 🙂

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  • whooami



    im a stickler for validation, so I will point this out:


    I like it .. added to my list (i think you’re #4 of 1000’s that Ive looked at) of WP implementations that are actually worthy of being called unique.

    I like the design, but I hate the blue fades. They make the text difficult to read and overall looks bad.

    Thanks Whooami. I fixed some of the validation errors, but there are many more to go! says td tags don’t have a width attribute???

    Mindfeck, can you tell me which blue fade background makes the text difficult to read? I agree it’s a little less legible, but I can still read everything easily.

    Some of your validation issues stem from using HTML 4 practices like your TD widths. Changing your DTD statement from XHTML to HTML 4.01 should fix many of those problems. You can get the exact expression you need over at W3C.

    Thanks dbc. Just playing around with the different doctypes…. looks like I’m using a mix of several different types’ tags so off to html editing I go!

    I want use this theme for my speaker review site.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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