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    I am using MLA in conjuction with Photonic to display a gallery selected via media_categories taxonomy.

    I use a shortcode like the following:
    [mla_gallery media_category=’cat1′  post_mime_type=’all’ style=’masonry’ media=’all’]

    I also tried with post_mime_type=’image,video’ but that made no difference ..

    As you can see, I have provided parameters required by both MLA and Photonic for selecting video along with images.

    The biggest challenge is that I am not sure how to confirm whether this issue is coming from MLA or photonic (I am making a similar support post for MLA)

    Any ideas what might be going wrong here ?

    thanks in advance for your help ..

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  • Plugin Author Sayontan


    I am not very familiar with MLA, but my understanding is that a WordPress gallery (not standalone media) does not show videos, or at least that is what I noted in my documentation based on my testing in Photonic → Getting Started. Can you try creating a gallery without either of these plugins and see if you get a video?

    If you are getting a video with WP out of the box then Photonic is the culprit and I will have to add this capability to it. If you are not getting a video with WP out of the box then I know that Photonic cannot display it, but I do not know if MLA has a capability to do so.

    Plugin Author Sayontan


    To add to my previous post, in essence Photonic sits on top of the WP gallery shortcode and adds layout options to it (slideshows, masonry etc.). If a gallery is not displaying something Photonic will not add it in.

    Thank you for the super fast response .. MLA is ‘Media Library Assistant’ which adds a huge array of extra functionality to the native wordpress media library ..

    MLA has support for videos definitely ..

    I have now isolated the problem:

    MLA picks up the videos but as text URL with no thumbnail associated with them, and that is probably why photonic does not see them ..

    So, this is entirely an issue coming from MLA. Will have to figure out how to auto-associate a thumbnail to a video ..

    Thanks again for your excellent support.

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    Plugin Author Sayontan


    I should have been a bit clearer – I know what MLA is, I just didn’t know how it works internally 🙂

    I happen to have interacted with David in the past and I was aware that MLA supports Photonic, but I didn’t have any explicit support for MLA built in.

    Video support in Photonic is a new feature – it just went in last month. It is likely that I will have to make a change to support MLA, so please let me know what you find. I cannot commit to a timeline in case a change is required, but I will certainly put it on my to-do list.

    === Posting here just for completion ===

    I have now read through the mla documentation section titled ‘Thumbnail Substitution Support, mla_viewer’ and researched this some more ..

    So, I need to enable thumbnail generation/substitution support .. and the use of featured images for video files in mla settings.

    Then find a way to generate the a thumbnail for each video and set it as featured image

    Found 2 good plugins:
    * (which needs ffmpeg/libav on the backend)
    * (which also needs ffmpeg/libav .. but can alternatively use one’s browser for videos that can play natively on browsers)

    I am now using the later plugin to solve this problem.

    This support request can be marked as closed. Thank you very much for your support

    Just seen your earlier response, thank you.

    Indeed, I have been so impressed with both MLA & Photonic (and the confusing WP Album Plus). I am a linux guy who codes in python, and so far have been unimpressed with much of what I see in wordpress plugins until I encountered these plugins (including yours) ..

    Thanks for writing it and keeping it free ..

    I think there is much to gain from MLA & Photonic working welll together .. perhaps incorporating the video thumbnail generator plugin I mentioned above.

    As to timelines, you are giving this away, but also need to pay your bills .. So, set your priorities accordingly. Much respects.

    Further update ..

    I have now gotten the video thumbnails displaying via MLA .. and still Photonic is not picking them up.

    So, you are right, you will probably need to make a change for video support to work with MLA.

    Thanks again for your quick support.

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