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  • Hi! I’m trying to get some photo galleries up for my insect inventory. Some of the gallery sizes fit the insects while the boxes in others cut off parts of the bugs. Here’s a page with an example of parts of the butterfly being “cut off.”

    Can I change the gallery to accomodate the certain ones that overextend the boxes or do I need to change it for every gallery?

    Thanks for the help!

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  • I’m still needing some help if anyone has a moment. I tried the Media Settings and changed the thumbnails as well as changed the max width and height for the medium size. Neither has made any difference.

    Sure appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

    You could try a different gallery plugin :-).

    Are you saying it’s not possible with this plugin?

    I started with NExtGen but need to hyperlink the caption and couldn’t figure out how to do that. Do you have a gallery suggestion that would work with what I’m trying to do?

    If I changed gallery plug ins, would I have to redo all the photos…again?

    Figured it out. Use the MEDIA FILE rather than the ATTACHMENT FILE

    Well done :-).

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