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  • I’m trying to get WP FullCalendar to display the Event thumbnail in the associated cell on the Calendar. The #_EVENTIMAGE code works fine in the regular Events Manager calendar, but when entering the shortcode into the “Event Title Format” under “Full Calendar Options” the thumbnail just displays as the HTML and not the actual image.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    (works great, see February)

    (doesn’t work, see February)

    PS. I know that you can hover over the event and the thumbnail or featured image will be displayed in a tool-tip, but I’m trying to get the images to display when viewing the calendar as a whole.

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  • Hi Correscriber, you must provide the following shortcode: #_EVENTIMAGEURL

    Kurt Eye


    #_EVENTIMAGEURL doesn’t work…it just outputs the image’s URL.

    If I end up using this calendar, it looks like I’ll have to edit the calendar template itself or filter the output somehow to catch the image URLs and place them inside <img> tags.

    #_EVENTIMAGEURL doesn’t work. can anybody help please?

    I am experiencing the same exact problem. I’ve been searching through all of the forums and cannot find a resolution.

    Can someone confirm that the proper place to add the #_EVENTIMAGE placeholder is in Events – Settings – General – Full Calendar Options – Event Title Format?

    I have checked all of the permissions for uploads, and they’re all 755. The tooltip shows the image, but I would like the calendar itself to be full of images so that my client’s customers can easily see the project for that day.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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