WP forum search needs advanced mode and sorting (4 posts)

  1. ixwa
    Posted 4 years ago #

    At least some way to sort the results...unless I'm just missing this somewhere.

    Not much point coming in to the forum to find an answer about a 3.1.3 issue when all I'm getting are threads that are five years old and mostly irrelevant now.

    Or is there already some way to sort the results by date?

    Also, some kind of version setting seems necessary--ie: Only return items that are for W 3.x etc.

  2. The search sucks. This is a known issue, and yes, the devs have it on their very long to do list :)

    Honestly, Google works better.

  3. benatkin
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I agree. Trying to figure out why my nested lists got mixed up in TinyMCE, so I searched for nested list editor and I got a bunch of results from a long time ago (including 5 years!) at the top.

  4. Ironically our search is now run by Google...

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