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    I downloaded a fresh copy of WordPress and overwrote everything except the wp-content folder. Didn’t fix the problem…. so my issue must be somewhere in the wp-content folder, or somewhere on my server.

    But I’m disinclined to think it’s the server, since my test installation doesn’t have this problem.


    Does anybody have any idea where the problem might be? I’ve also tried deleting my .htaccess files… no luck there, either.




    what havent you changed?

    your theme. whats inside wp-content/

    what happens when you switch to the default theme. And since you mentioned it, make sure that you are uploading a fresh copy of the default theme.

    Its the process of elimination, aint it?

    I have switched to the default theme, and that didn’t change the behavior. I’ll try re-upping a new default.

    The site is located at if anybody wants to check it out, but I think this problem won’t be very obvious from looking at the site.

    And I’ve taken my custom theme and used it on the testing site and it works just fine there. So there’s a problem with this particular installation.

    I uploaded fresh copies of the classic and default themes. If I switch my blog to them, it doesn’t change the broken behavior.



    It’s got something to do with the fact that my WordPress installation works within a folder.

    If I go to , it doesn’t work. But if I go directly to it works perfectly.

    Does anybody know how I can fix this, now that we know where the issue is?


    I’ve fixed it.

    For anybody who’s curious, the problem was in my Options->General panel.
    The “Blog Address (URL)” was set to

    I deleted the “index.php” from that line. Problem solved! Thanks to both of you who replied, with helpful ideas.

    Thanks to both of you who replied, with helpful ideas.

    that would be me, and me.

    youre welcome, happy blogging!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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