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  • Hello,
    My name is Chris, I recently join a company in the Uk as a Web Manager.
    I’ve suggested my boss to switch from the static site they have now, to WordPress.
    I’ve already developed website using WP, but now I’m facing a big website (more than 200 pages) and I don’t know if WP could be the perfect idea. I need to take a decision soon and I’m the only one in the company that can.
    Do you know any case of huge websites made with WP? Can you name me some? Are there problem running it on a shared server?

    An alternative could be dynamic part hand-made for pages and WP integrated for articles.

    What’s your advice?

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  • esmi


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    200 Pages is not huge…

    You may wish to check out and look for some large sites.

    As for the mix and match approach you suggested, I tend to favour WordPress-only sites, mainly for the consistency in Look and Feel.

    Traditional web sites are generally ideal for Caching in WordPress which can really reduce the performance issues that complex Pages can be present for huge visitor traffic levels.

    In the professional I.T. world, shared hosting is generally a bad idea that goes beyond WordPress. Mainly, because we expect 24/7 99.9%+ uptime. A hacker attack on another of the thousand customers hosted on the same web server will cause response time issues (or worse) for your web site(s). Done right (web hosting company and you the I.T. guy), VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a better approach. Done wrong, it is much worse.

    I am currently quite happy with the VPS of one of the recommended hosting firms listed here: I host 10 sites on a single 625MB VPS, each site having its own FileSpace (user (sub)account), and use no WordPress caching, even on a fairly high traffic site, all of which adds up to something approaching a worst case scenario. It costs me about $40 a month U.S. funds. I’m trading ease of use and increased margin for error (FileSpaces) for a few extra dollars per month.

    Thank you, I will have a look at the VPSs tomorrow… it sounds interesting.

    I have another (strange) question:
    In the past I used Zen Cart to build e-commerce website, and I used a function called zen_link() to make links at other internal pages. That’s to reduce the risk for the user to go “out of the cms” as I always said so far.

    Do I have to do something similar in WordPress too? Because I’ve never done it so far.

    Even because I need to let users go from Wp pages to php scripts (i.e. a form to fill and send).

    Sorry for all these question, but it’s the first time that I have a job with high responsability and I would like everything to be perfect.

    Forms can be handled all within WordPress using a plugin like Contact Form 7. There’s really no reason to go out of the CMS since there’s little I’ve found that I cannot do in WordPress. I hope this helps!

    I had to chuckle when I saw “huge site” and “200 pages” used together. I currently manage a popular news website for a client, with 50,000+ pages, housed in a shared hosting environment with 250+ other websites. (Only caveat is I managed the dedicated server myself, and have some serious MySQL and LiteSpeed optimization going on).

    Thank you everyone:
    Tim S: I have tried on local the Contact Form 7… Very cool, but I need to modify it for an autoresponse, but it’s ok 🙂
    George Appiah: (Are you related with the football player Appiah???) Thank you, I feel more relaxed now.

    I’ve just presented a report to switch to WP, and in a couple of month the site it will be ready.
    Thank you.

    Hey Chris,

    Keep in mind, WordPress is completely open source, meaning you can change and mold the CMS into anything you want. That’s really the beauty of WordPress. As for an auto-responder in Contact Form 7, you can set up a special email account just for the form. Set up the auto response at the server level NOT in WordPress. That way, the email account only handles incoming emails from the form and sends a response once the email arrives at the server. I hope this helps!

    Chris: No, I’m not related to Stephen Appiah in any way. Heck, I don’t even like Football (aka Soccer)… but I have to fake interest just to keep the girl friend feel ‘safe’ in the hands of a ‘man’.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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