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  • Hi,

    I suppose that most people accept by now that for content-driven sites, a CMS is the most appropriate framework; and that for data-driven sites (lots of forms; data retrieved from custom databases, etc) the use of an MVC framework is the way to go.

    The trouble is that many sites are a mixture of the two. I currently have two projects in hand where this is the case. For example, I’ve been asked to look at re-writing this site:

    It is currently written using custom PHP (no CMS and no MVC).

    I’d like to rewrite it using WP for the static content and an MVC (probably CodeIgniter) for the data-driven pages and the data entry pages (forms). The data entry pages would be secured, of course.

    Is there any received wisdom about the best way of doing this? For instance, should I try to integrate CI with WP? Should I write a plugin that integrates the data entry pages into the Dashboard? Should I just write two separate sites and point from one to the other for their respective bits?

    Does anyone know of any other attempts to do this sort of thing? And if so, is it written up anywhere?

    I would have thought it was quite a common requirement.

    Many thanks, in advance.



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