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    I have a friend who operates a business and needs an on-line reporting system and I’m wondering if WP can do what she needs. While I could probably cobble together something in PHP/MySQL, a widely supported product like WP would be preferable for obvious reasons.

    I am not sufficiently familiar with WP to know if it can do what she needs.

    Here are the details…

    The business operates group homes for assisted living — caring for people who cannot care for themselves on their own. There are multiple group homes, each having multiple clients. Each group home has a supervisor. Each day, each group home supervisor must write a brief report about each client’s behavior and activities for the day.

    Currently, this is done on paper and a binder containing the reports is taken to the central office where they are reviewed and then returned to the respective group homes to be used for new reports the next day. What I’d like to do is convert them to an on-line system to save all that paper and transporting of binders back and forth.

    While I know that WP can be set up to allow each group home supervisor to make entries, I want it to be more or less bullet-proof. For example, Client names have to be pre-programmed such that they can be selected from a drop-down menu or a link to avoid multiple spellings of the same name.

    Each entry must contain, in addition to the client’s name, a date field that is the “Report For The Day Of” date. The date of submission may not always be the date for which the report is being written (due to occasionally unreliable Internet).

    All reports, once submitted must be locked such that the group home supervisor cannot change them. The supervisor may supplement a report by submitting another report for the same date/client but once submitted, the supervisors cannot go back and change anything.

    The company managers will be able to view any reports for any client of any group home, but the reports are otherwise restricted. Managers should be able to search for reports based on group home name and/or client name.

    So, is there a way to incorporate drop-down menus to list client names and group homes — preferable populated from a database table?

    Based on what I’ve outlined, does it seem like WP can do this or can be extended in some fashion to do this?

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    You can probably set up WP to email out a copy of all posts every day, but that would be custom plugin work.

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