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  • Hi everyone
    I just joined a new company and they have a WP blog. I received a login and password, so I can post blogs, but my issue is: I want to change to banner on the blog and make it look nice.

    I am a Graphic Designer with a basic knowledge of html and I manage to figure out things quite quickly. I just need to know where to start…

    Do I have to download anything? Do I upload files via Filezilla? Where do I get those login details from?

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Hi Jeanine,

    It’s easy to change the banner.

    Just login to the backend (wp-admin.php) and click on the Appearance menu item, then click on the Header menu item.

    It’s a piece of cake after that. 🙂



    Is it a blog or self-hosted version?

    You’ll definitely want an FTP client, but you can edit a lot in the Appearance > Editor section of the dashboard. You upload files via the media library.

    You don’t need to download anything, as WordPress can be setup through a 1-click install through a hosting provider. You should get the Firebug add-on for Firefox though, so you can right-click and “Inspect Element” on a page.

    It sounds like you need some hands-on training though. I did a live wordpress workshop several months back and still have the videos online… check them out here if you need help – (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

    Hopefully that helps you get more comfortable with WordPress.


    Is it possible for them to have disconnected this feature? Reason why I ask this – is the only menu items I can see is:
    My SItes
    Media (library and add new)
    and Tools

    There is no Appearance on the tool menu – STRANGE hey?

    Hi again Jeanine. Yes, it is possible that you won’t see this menu item.

    It depends on what level user access your account was given.

    Under the user menu, you can add new users as a:


    Off the top of my head, I can’t remember the specifics of each level, but obviously Administrator is the best 🙂 and the rest are lower on the food chain.

    Chances are your level is too low and whomever the site admin is, will have to change your level.

    You’ll need to google what the different levels mean, or just drop into and do a search there.

    Good luck.


    Yes ezza is correct 🙂

    Either you’re using the software, which is different than what we use here, or your User doesn’t have sufficient access privileges. Ask your client to make you an administrator.

    I beleive if seeing the pages you are at editor level.

    You need admin level to be able to change banners. Or ftp access. All of these things would be handled by the current admin.

    Learn a bit about WP first. You can very easily break it by mucking in the files.

    Thank you SO much for all the feedback guys – you are on top of things and VERY fast. I contacted our head office and they informed me that I don’t have admin rights and will not be getting it soon, so for now it’s just about populating the blog and that’s it (hows that for paper pushing…)

    ANyway, have a great evening (yes, it evening here already) and thanks again for all the help!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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