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  • Hallo, Im new to WP, I have a question about WP Themes. So, if I want to make some theme bymyself, I cant understand the best way how to organize the folder structure.
    I understand so far, for my new skin i should make a folder 4example ‘redblog’, in that folder goes all the necessary .php ect. files.

    1. But if I have .css and .js files, can i put them in seperate folder, like, \themes\redblog\css\style.css and \themes\redblog\js\script.js ?

    2. The main question, if i have some more page, as contact me, about me, where are going these pages? Can I put them also in seperate folder, 4example:

    or how it is the best way to oraganize files in theme?

    I was trying to download some free templete to see the files, but there i cant find the contact or about me pages at all, 4example this template:

    Where the pages contactus, abutme are located? :/

    thanks, Inita

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  • 1. If I remember well the style.css should be in the theme directory!
    Other than that you can have different folders.

    2. You do NOT create those pages in the theme! You create new Pages in your admin panel: Write > Write Page. For different look see the Templates section of the Pages link.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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