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  1. xainoo
    Posted 11 years ago #

    just thought of these features... can i get them or they're not even there!:
    1-Show only what i like in frontpage
    2- make a hot list for the visitor
    3- show latest comments on frontpage
    4- show top visited posts on frontpage
    5- shoutbox
    6- "get me by number" the user enters the number of the post in frontpage and click a button and then the page redirects to the page
    7- a rating system and show top rated on frontpage
    8- a mailing list for the blog
    9- easy organizer for frontpage: the admin chooses exactly what to show and hide "like geocities homepage editor" and which post to be in top and so...
    10- a thumbnail for each post and show in in the categories view...
    * do u like my ideas? are any of it available? please tell me, i appreciate your help!

  2. xaos
    Posted 11 years ago #

    1. You can use 'if ( is_home() ) { } to test if it is the home page
    2. I'm not sure what you mean by this
    3. Brian's Latest Comments Plugin
    4. Most commented hack
    5. PHP shoutbox
    6. --
    7. Jesuit was working on one but I don't know if he has released it yet
    8. --
    9. I'm not sure what you mean
    10. --
  3. carla
    Posted 11 years ago #

    7. it's been placed in the dev.plugins: http://dev.wp-plugins.org/browser/rate-it/trunk/

  4. xainoo
    Posted 11 years ago #

    thanx thanx thanx!
    for 2- i mean to make favorites list and able to ad the post to the favorites list for every visitor...
    for 1- i meant, i show only the posts i want in the front page not the latest posts...
    100000- thanx!

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