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  • seriously WP-FB-AutoConnect is a great plugin but this is the third friggin update today alone. Will you please stop releasing 10 updates a week especially when it has nothing to do with making sure the plugin works. I am really ready to bail and find another plugin.

    i applaud your efforts but make wit 22 sites it is a pain to upgrade 3 times a day

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  • i had just finished upgrading all of my sites for the second time today and I go back and find out there was this third update. I guess it is time to just hold off until we see how many more times it will be updated today


    I release fine-grained updates to give users the CHOICE to take advantage of new versions the moment they become available. If I hold back the updates, you cannot get a new version until I decide you can, but if I release them when they’re ready you’re free to upgrade or not. I fail to see how releasing an improved version the moment it’s available is such a horrendous issue. Feel free not to update if you don’t want to. Nobody is forcing you. You’re welcome to wait a week or a month.

    Frankly it blows my mind that you’d complain about someone being *too* attentive and trying to give users the new code as soon as it’s ready. If you’d like to find another plugin, be my guest; you’re not doing me any favors by using it. I’m working my ass off to provide YOU this functionality, for free, and you’re complaining about it. You’re welcome.

    After spending an entire day on development, assholes like you (“boo hoo, you update it every fckng day”) just make me want to pull it completely and stop wasting my time.

    excuse me i am a premium user thank you. i can complain 🙂

    you released 2 updates in one day there were simple admin css things. that is a waste. that is what we are talking about. but this asshole who has paid you for premium version now wishes he hadn’t

    and guess what asshole. we update every day because it is suggested to keep our plugins and core updated. who is the moron now?

    I was more irritated by AmpLiF1eR’s response to be honest, but even so…you’d actually rather I intentionally NOT provide the improvements as soon as they’re available? Often I’ll finish something, post it, then a few hours later decide “what the hell, I’m already in plugin mode anyway so I might as well implement do a few more things before the day’s out.” So I code and release them. The other option would be for me to say “OK, now that I already released an update today, I’ll wait another week to post the next one – even though there are people who I know are waiting for this feature/fix I’ll not give it to them yet because I wouldn’t want to inconvenience them with having to upgrade again.”

    If upgrading is such a hassle, I don’t see why you just don’t do it. Again, nobody’s twisting your arm. By my posting it, at least I’m giving you the CHOICE. I can’t fathom why that choice would be “upgrading is annoying, I’ve got a working version and don’t need this update – but I’ll do it anyway and complain about it.”

    Now I’m an asshole for updating my plugin. Wow. My mind is blown.

    i am not asking you to hold back on an update that has something to do with the functionality of the plugin. it is layout things in the backend that you update 2 times in 1 day or more that are senseless IMO. of course fix them but send them out when you update something in functionality or add a feature. that is all.

    imagine if wordpress sent out updates everytime they moved something in the backend. we would have updates daily

    again i do update each and everytime you update because we are told to keep our stuff ugraded. it is just a real pain in the ass with 22 blogs.

    no you are an asshole because you called me one for making a complaint about your plugin. sorry i am not allowed to complain about something I PAID for

    Sometimes things that seem senseless to you do have a purpose.

    For example: the “css only” update to the admin backend that you’re referring to was necessary for a big redesign to the premium admin panel committed at nearly the same time. It was also the last update on the 31st, so I figured I’d submit it before going to sleep, even if it was minor, because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be working the next day. Turns out I did work the next day. I didn’t have to, and perhaps I shouldn’t have, because if I hadn’t (if that was the last commit) you wouldn’t have probably minded. Which I just see as remarkably ironic because I’d assumed users would be APPRECIATIVE of my attempt to keep developing, rather than just saying “ok, done.”

    FYI, I didn’t call you an asshole – I called AmpLiF1eR one. That’s why I made sure to include his quote – ‘assholes like you (“boo hoo, you update it every fckng day”)’ – so you wouldn’t think I was talking about you. But thanks for calling me one.

    boo hoo you update everyday.

    i do update everyday. so you can pretty much see why i assumed it was directed at me.

    god i am so sorry i paid for your plugin and came to the forum to voice my opinion about it. guess you only like the positive and not the negative to things.

    and i am sure those with 1 site were thrilled for your update but those that updated 22 blogs 3 times in 1 day were a little pissed. sorry i felt a need to say something

    I have no problem at all with constructive criticism. What I find insulting are people cussing (“I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN WITH UPDATING IT EVERY FCKING DAY” or “DAMN, NOW I HAVE TO FIND OUT HOW TO GET TO THE OLD ONE, DAMN FCK”) in response to my honest attempts to be as helpful as possible.

    If you’re a premium customer, I do apologize for assuming you were complaining about the free one – I figured premium customers would comment on the support site or to me directly, as that’s what they’ve all done in the past. On the other hand, I added a large number of new features in the last two days, which I would assume you would appreciate – not condemn.

    I understand (now) that you feel like every update needs to be applied the moment it’s available. Hopefully YOU can understand MY thoughts: I finish implementing something, I commit it, I go to sleep. The next morning: “Should I work some more now? Sure, why not.” not “Should I work some more now? No, because I committed something minor last night.” Does that really not make sense to you?

    i do understand your thinking. I am sorry to jump your shit and your hard work. your plugin is great. the best one and i have tried most of them. like i said just irritated that i updated 66 times in 1 day. again don’t stop on my account. there seems to be only 2 that have issue with the updates as we were the only ones to comment about it.

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