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  • plusz34


    Hi Emre;

    I typed this topic in english to help globally. So my question is that the fastest cache breaks my some 301 redirects.

    I tried,

    1) define(‘WPFC_DISABLE_REDIRECTION’, true); to my wp-config.php at httdocs. But did not solve it.
    2) I exlude this pages from wpfastest exclude page section with exact URL match. It also didn’t solve my problem

    Here is interesting thing. I checked my redirection with “Redirection” plugin. It told me that this redirection failed. After, delete all cached and minified file option on wpfastest cache and try to check redirect it works!! After some time, it do not work again. Also, it only does not work on some pages not all of them.

    I checked this pages on search console, it shows this page found on google index and return 200 code. I also tried to add .htaccess “Redirect 301 /old_url/ /new_url/” it also did not solve it again.

    Last thing is that, i disabled the wp_fastest cache but this page redirections remained same. If it is not due to wp-fastest cache why it worked after deleting caching files ? I think that it is conflict between wp fastest and redirection

    I’m wondering your comments on it.

    Many thanks in advance

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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