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  • I’ve got several installations of WP on the same OS X 10.4.8 server. They are all linked to different mysql databases on a different 10.4 server on the same network. Lately the page load times have gotten up into the 1-2 minute range. Other pages with heavy Flash content on the same server load very quickly by comparison.

    I’m looking for some advice on how to troubleshoot this.

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    Sounds like something you need to discuss with your host provider.

    look at error logs?

    sounds like mysql could be an issue, if non-sql pages load fine.

    can also try wp-cache2. that’ll eliminate (I think) mysql from the equation.


    I AM the host provider vkaryl. They are both my servers.

    Any idea what logs I’m looking for?

    Is wp-cache2 a mod?

    no clue. mysql logging of some form (I don’t know what capabilities it has) might help. again, presuming that it’s taken inordinate lengths of time on certain queries.

    wp-cache2 is a plugin that caches the majority of the ‘static’ output for a given url request to a file, and can serve it back up rather than hitting the db.

    but, before that, my guess is maybe some other plugin, or some other config issue. if you have other mysql apps that don’t have issues, then it’s more likely to be a plugin.

    *shrug* Sorry – there’s no way of knowing that if you don’t specify.



    I have struggled with loads for a few months, and I too both own my own servers and host on VPSs for all my wordpress blog installations. However all my servers have been Linux varieties.

    wp-cache does help a lot, but there are still problems with how loads are carried on the servers when using wordpress.

    I have one wordpress installation that previously was on a VPS that was not on a server I owned and it has about 20 different plugins working: it had massive load issues that disappeared when wp-cache was added. After about 3 months of using wp-cache, it is still trouble-free 🙂

    But, I have another wordpress installation that has only about 3-4 plugins active and was also having massive load issues on a VPS. We used wp-cache, but that didn’t help much. I then moved it to my own dedicated server and my technician still saw major problems in how mysql was being queried. Odd, but it is still having major problems and I just moved it to Laughing Squid hosting since others on this forum say they should be able to handle WordPress hosting. I made the move a few days ago and will know in about a week if my problems have disappeared.

    Granted, many other software out there like drupal, phpnuke, xoops and others do have similar mysql query problems, but since I’m working with wordpress and not those others, I’d like to see how wordpress’ core functions can best be optimized in the future 🙂

    I’m going to give wp-cache a try and will post the results here. I’ve never been thrilled about caching unless you absolutely have to. I’ve got other php / mysql sites running on the server that seem to be okay.

    If it works I may leave it on until future wp updates eliminate the need.

    Chin, I’d be interested to know if Laughing Squid solves your issues in case this doesn’t fix mine.

    No luck with wp-cache. I’m now completely out of ideas.

    Pages take quite a long time to load and then ‘pop’ on the page all at once.

    Are you using technorati or some other service that connects to another blog to get information? I noticed that technorati slows down my main site because it goes out and looks for new tags and what not before the page actaully loads.

    Perhaps you have some PHP code that is quering something that is huge and takes a long time to parse through?

    What’s your website addy?

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    Something I discovered recently was extreme slowdown in an instance of WordPress due to Apache having excessively huge logfiles. The access log on the thing was a few hundred meg, and this slowed it down to the point of unusability. Happened when a log rotator script got broken.

    Might check that as well.



    greenhornet, it takes a little while for wp-cache to work. Seriously, give it a couple days. It did help lots for me on some blogs, but I have one particular one where it helped lots, but still has a long way to go.

    I am now working on laughing squid as of about an hour ago. seems slow, but I will give it a few days to check.

    wp-cache seems to cause the main page to be blank but serves it up once I reload (in firefox). Other than that I can’t really see that much of improvement. I’m going to read the mysql docs and see what I can figure out.

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