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  • Hello everyone!
    In the last 3 days I’ve experienced some problems with my site (italian), hosted by godaddy: files that disappeared, blog not running, and then today this message, when you try to reach the blog:

    [MySQL server has gone away]

    (not always, just sometimes)
    Besides, it’s impossible for me to reach my wp-admin or to leave a comment.

    I’ve done a research on this forum and I’ve seen other people experienced the same problem too, and the solution was to leave godaddy and switch to another hosting service.

    Do you know another hosting service that is easy to use and to switch to and (IMPORTANT!) that offers an anonymizing service? I don’t want my informations appear in

    Thank you!

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  • Don’t confuse domain registration with domain hosting.

    You can leave your domain registration with Godaddy (and keep your name private) but you can move your hosting to another company. And it is the hosting part of it that your are having problems — like losing a database!

    When you identify a new hosting company you just login to your Godaddy account and point the domain nameservers to your new host’s nameservers.

    Please see for a small list of hosts.

    Today I started getting this error also, on my contact form page, after a user clicks submit. For what it’s worth, I do use GoDaddy.

    In my case I thought it was related to how long the page takes to load. So far, at least it never happens on pages that load quickly. In the case of submitting the contact form, there seems to be just enough of a delay to trigger the timeout/error message. I thought it might be caused by the contact plugin I was using, so I deleted that one and installed another. Same thing. The contact email does go though ok even with the error. It also seems the page has at least partially loaded when the error occurs as it is usually only a few of the items in my sidebar that don’t get loaded.

    There is a work around offered here:

    The offered solution is too complicated for me to understand or implement. I think the author is saying it is a result not of a timeout, but of an attempt to reuse a closed connection, but I’m pretty sure I don’t understand correctly.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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