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WP Entry = Background Image

  • Is it possible to have WP output an entry file as a background image? I’m working on a photoblog and would like each entry to display as a background image instead. And I’m having zero luck in the figuring it out department. How can I get an entry to be set as a background image, then have it go to the next image in the same category?

    A hack or some plugin out there for me? Just someone confirming whether or not it can be done would be at least something for me at this point ….

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  • why as a background image?

    you could use CSS to force the div that the ‘post’ content would lie in to layer behind all other elements. That’d be the quickest way, and is in your hands already.

    you could have a plugin of some sort that somehow pulls the image filename from the post, and inserts a STYLE tag with the image file inline-defined as the body background. that’s getting pretty tricky…

    depends on the visual results you want, and how much control you want over it all…


    What I’m trying to achieve is a popup window set to the size of a photo (1000×670 lets say), and then my navigation (next/previous/archives) would be text, resting on top of the image which is set as a background.

    I keep saying “background” because I don’t know how else to 1. control those unsightly scroll bars from showing up, and 2. I want the nav. to overlay on top of the picture. Also 3. it makes it more difficult for someone to copy/paste/steal the photo.

    Make sense? I could give you some details if you’d like to contact with questions … I’d really like some help after having researched for the past 4 days.

    How do I “use CSS to force the div that the ‘post’ content would lie in to layer behind all other elements”? Sorry for the bonehead question; I’m just a graphics guy trying to learn as I go …

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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