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  • Hello!

    I had an issue pop up with WP Document Revisions and WP Engine. We were not able to run the automated backup points provided by WP Engine due to a conflict. Here’s what their support team found:

    I’ve taken a look and it appears that there was a conflict with one of the files in the “wp-document-revisions” plugin:


    That file’s presence was interfering with our backup point system, and preventing backup points from being captured. I’ve renamed that file to .git_disabled on this end and I’ve requested a successful manual backup point as well, which took six seconds for the database and 55 seconds for the files for the site. The restore points should continue to work from this point forward.

    It doesn’t appear to have effected anyone else since there’s no one else posting about this. Thought you might want to know!

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  • I had this problem several months ago. Document Revisions wasn’t essential for that site, so we just removed it in order to get our daily backups working again. I’d really like to be able to use it on WP Engine, though.

    I got more or less the same message from them — no indication of what the specific conflict is.

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