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  • Hi,

    I have Wp-email plugin installed in my site. Now, after the email successfully sent to a friend, there are infos and texts above the message sent. Is there a way that we can remove that texts? I tried to find it in the admin but the only thing we can change there is this:

    <p>%EMAIL_POST_TITLE% has been sent to %EMAIL_FRIEND_NAME% (%EMAIL_FRIEND_EMAIL%)</p><p>« Back to %EMAIL_POST_TITLE%</p>

    I tried to remove it from ajax but the email content was affected. Any idea guys? Really need your help. Thanks in advance.


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  • There should not be any text above anything. The only text you should see is this

    <p>%EMAIL_POST_TITLE% has been sent to %EMAIL_FRIEND_NAME% (%EMAIL_FRIEND_EMAIL%)</p><p>« Back to %EMAIL_POST_TITLE%</p>

    If you see any other text means that is some conflict with your theme or plugin. In that case you might want to switch to the default theme and deactivate the plugin 1 by 1 till you find the problem.

    You may want to use as an example.

    Thanks Lester for fast reply, I’ll try your suggestion, but if you have time to view the site I would appreciate that so that you would know what I’m telling you.

    Thanks a lot.

    That is because you modify it by putting it in a Thickbox which maybe the cause of the problem.

    Thanks lester for looking at the site. I switched back to normal window pop-up as what you said but still there are texts above the message sent. Thanks lester for your time because I really need to fix this.

    It is a conflict with your video/photo plugin from my guess. Try deactivating it to see that conflicting plugin it works. If not you might want to try an alternative plugin like ShareThis which also offers the email functionality.

    I tried to deactivate the video/photo plugins but wp-email was affected. The javascript email-js.js doesn’t even loaded. Is there another way on querying the post instead of using below?

       if(have_posts()) {

    I guess this is one reason why it keeps on displaying above the message sent. Then, what are the possible tables affected in the query. I’m really new in wordpress. I know you are a wordpress expert because you had created a lot of wordpress plugins.

    Thank you so much lester. Cheers!

    Nope, that is the correct and official way to query the posts. Ensure that your theme have <?php wp_head(); ?> in your theme header.php and <?php wp_footer(); ?> in your theme footer.php

    Thanks for the info lester. I decided to use ShareThis plugin anyway. By the way, I’m currently using the two of your plugins, Wp-PageNavi and Wp-Downloadmanager that works really cool.

    Honestly, I also want to develop my own plugins someday. Can you please give me some techniques, treaks or tutorials on how to create a wordpress plugin? I really appreciate your works.

    Thank you so much lester. You’re the man!

    Start off with the codex =)

    Thanks a lot.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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