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  • WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-EMail 2.01download
    Enable you to send your webblog entry to a friend.

    WordPress 2.0 Plugin: WP-Print 2.01download
    Displays a printable version of your WordPress weblog post.

    I have released wp-print and wp-email to be compatible with WP 2.0. It is tested and works on a live server (

    If there are any bugs/errors, please let me know, gamerz84 AT hotmail DOT com

    Thanks so much for the support guys!

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  • Good work, nice to see people developing for 2.0 already 🙂

    Does it also work with 1.5.x?

    Nice work.

    For anyone interested, here’s the lighttpd rewrite rule for the wp-print plugin (note, change to match YOUR permalink structure):

    "^/blog/plink/(.+)/([0-9]+)/[^/]+/?/(print)/?$" => "/blog/wp-print.php?p=$2"

    For Permalink:

    <shameless class=”plug”>
    You can see the result here:

    WP-Email: very fine plugin – thank you! Only the design of the mail formula page looks ugly. Maybe the header of my template will not loades correctly?
    You can have a look at:

    Where can I edit the design?

    WP-Email ugly design: solved. I putted at the bottom of wp-wmail.php aboaut get_sidebar and get_footer an additional “</div>” and all things are okay 🙂

    yap, it is like a template, you need to edit it a little =)

    Thanks for the support guys!

    VaamYob: you can change the WP 2.0 htaccess to redirect to wp-print.php? I tried but it will not work!

    angsuman: I got the previous copy that work with 1.5.x, my site is still running on that? If you would like to have it, drop me an email gamerz84 AT hotmail DOM com

    Mmm, just downloaded the wp-print plugin for 2.0 and it seems to be partially working. I updated the perm structure, when after i upgraded to Version 2.0 of WP…then had uploaded the new wp-print files and activated it… tried it and got a 404.

    I then had uploaded the original .htaccess file I had before when I had it working, then the print page came up, but says:
    No posts matched your criteria.

    So maybe I’m just doing something a tad bit wrong, or need to modify something else again.. help please lol.. =) Almost there again, just yet so far away lmao! =)


    spencerp: solved =)

    Thanks so much for going into the CP and doing it for me lmao! =) I know, I know…I’m a very trusting person lol!! =) Thanks again GamerZ! =) And have a Happy New Year! =)


    Please note: I wasn’t even drinking either lmao!

    No problem dude!

    GamerZ said:
    VaamYob: you can change the WP 2.0 htaccess to redirect to wp-print.php? I tried but it will not work!

    I’m not running apache, so I have to manually make changes for my web server’s equivalent to .htaccess.

    I posted my rewrite rule and permalink structure in case there are others running wordpress with lighttpd and wish to use your plugin.


    Works great, but seems like it won’t take punctuation in the name field, such as “John F. Smith”. Am I correct, or is it just me?

    korereactor: nope it is like that due to the checking of names for illegal characters.

    VaamYob: I found a way to add in to the wp_rewrite rules array

    I get this error when I try to run the install script for WP-Email:

    ” Please Define The email mysql table in wp-settings.php. “

    How can I fix this?

    Did u activate wp-email before running the install script?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 59 total)
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