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  • Fantastic plugin!

    May I suggest a How-To regarding the configuration of the E-Mail Options?

    I am having some troubles configuring it properly!


    Configure as what options or how to configure?

    How to configure.

    It is under Email -> Email Options?

    Is there supposed to also be a subfolder called “email” with a number of duplicate files? I’ve extracted the files to my plugin folder, but in addition to the main “email” folder, there is within that, a subfolder also called “email”. It does not contain all the same files as the principle folder, but many of them.

    I went ahead and deleted that subfolder with no apparent problems.

    But I don’t see any image verification on the page. I see the call for it in the code, and see that file in my directory, but I don’t see the actual tool on the website.

    Click on @forward under any of the posts on to see what I mean.

    Using 2.06, I just noticed the lack of the remarks columns, and looking through the support, discovered it had been removed in 2.05. This is a very useful column for those of us looking to meet our readers needs and interests. Can this be restored?

    I’m a bit in the dark now knowing what may be of interests to new readers who are learning about my site from a forwarded post.

    (As to privacy, my blog is an open news source, with posts mostly shared by colleagues in media or academia.)

    Tfleming: i have releaed 2.07, if you want I can custom add it back for u for the remarks part. Drop me an email =)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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