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    After the update of WordPress to version 4.9 it isn’t possible anymore to switch from visual to text editor. Are there more people who are dealing with this problem? Would like to have suggestions how to correct this.

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  • Hi Roel,
    I checked two of my websites with different themes .
    No problem with switching between visual and text editor.

    What I always do is deactivate all the plugins except WP Edit and then activate the plugins one by one and check when the problem occurrs.
    Sometimes it helps by removing plugins that are conflicting and reinstall them.
    Update processes leave often files that are not used anymore.

    Also updates of wordpress itself are not always foolproof.

    Wordfence reported that after update to 4.9 that around 35 files are obsolete and should be deleted.

    Thanks for reply. I’ll will deactivate the plugins and check if WP-Edit works fine.

    W’ll. I deactivated all plugins, but its still isn’t possible to switch between ‘visual’ and ‘text’ mode. What’s next, back to former WP-version?
    Can that be easily done, or wait for the next update? I use Weaver Xtreme as theme.

    Hi Roel,
    I checked 4 of my website with Weaver Xtreme and WP Edit and WP 4.9.
    No problems everything works fine.

    In WP edit settings: under userspecific you can set that the tab text is not displayed .
    In your situation do you see the tab?

    You can always remove wp-edit and reinstall.


    Hello Wim,
    I saw that setting in WP-Edit and yes, the ‘text’ tab is visible and disappears when I change the setting in WP-Edit,
    When I ‘push’ the ‘text’ tab, nothing happens. It stays in the ‘visual’ mode.

    the problem just surfaced with wordpress multisite, I tried different themes and deactivating all the plugings and it does not work.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

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    I just downgraded WP from version 4.9 to 4.8.3 and all my problems with switching my pages in ‘text’ and ‘visual’ mode are gone.
    Superb, just see this link:

    If you deactivate all plugins also WP-edit than you get the standard wordpress editor.
    Do you have with the standard wordpress editor the same problem?


    I deactivated all plugins, without WP-edit, and in that case the problem wasn’t gone. I didn’t deactivated WP-Edit so I cannot confirm that.

    Hi Roel,
    Congratulations , are you also using multi site WordPress.
    I don’t use multisite I have in total around 10 websites.
    I like to keep all sites independent from each other.
    I am running on all site WP 4.9 and no problem with the editor.

    I don’t use Multisite WordPress, so it’s strange that I’m running into that problem with editing my pages. Buit happily its over and in the future I’ll wait before upgrading and look if there are problems with a new version.
    Thanks for joining and see you around,

    Plugin Author Josh


    Sorry guys… just got in from an extended holiday here in the states.

    Where do we stand here? @wimbax: Thanks for the assistance. Very much 🙂

    Where do you stand currently? You shouldn’t have to revert your WP back to an older/outdated instance just to get things working properly. It is better to keep WP up to date; then troubleshoot the plugins/theme.

    Hi Josh,
    Hope You’ve got a good time in the States. I deactivated all Plugins and the problem didn’t dissapear. I didn’t check the ‘Weaver Extreme’ Theme, thought that that wouldn’t be the problem. If you’ve a suugestion where the problem could be originated, that would be of great help. As for now, I’ll stay with this version of WP. Maybe the next update the problem will not be there.
    Thnkzz, Roel

    Plugin Author Josh


    Thank you very much. I did, indeed, enjoy the holiday.

    So, the broken editor is a fairly common experience. Most of the time, it is related to a javascript/jquery conflict between plugins and themes. I’ve written a basic Troubleshooting Guide to help address the issue.

    I’ve literally done this 1000 times. Make sure you update everything; deactivate ALL plugins; and switch to the default WP theme. Then, your editor should work properly. Next, activate your desired theme; and test again. Then, start working with the plugins as described in the article I linked.

    Please let me know how you do.

    okay – where to begin. I am new to wordpress (had a blog for 2 weeks) and overwhelmed. I found this forum because after MUCH searching someone said the WP-Editor plugin fixed their problem.. however it no longer workd in the new 4.9 version UGHHH
    Now where do I go? Any ideas?

    I went through the process of becoming an Amazon Affiliate… the only problem is they tell us how to include the code in our footer.php verbiage in order to receive credit for people shopping on amazon (via their smartphone) after viewing our blog and clicking on links. The problem is it looks like no one with the new wordpress 4.9 update can alter our footer.php code!
    Here are their directions:
    Login to your WordPress account.
    Go to the dashboard of your blog page.
    Click on “Appearance → Editor” on the left pane.
    Select Footer.php file from the right pane under templates.
    Add the popover ad code before </body> tag in the template.

    but when i do this it says “Unable to communicate back with site to check for fatal errors, so the PHP change was reverted. You will need to upload your PHP file change by some other means, such as by using SFTP.”

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