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    There is a lot of confusion over WP Edit, WordPress 3.9, and Ultimate Tinymce. Please read this to get a clear understanding.

    Ultimate Tinymce
    This plugin was going into it’s third year on It had been updated over 50 times.. and went through many version numbers.

    Not every feature of Ultimate Tinymce was immediately available when it was initially released. Instead, I took feedback (both positive and negative) and turned it around and put it back into the plugin.

    Only after two years, did it become the plugin it was just before the update to WordPress 3.9. Try to imagine what it must feel like to lose two years of work you had done for free.

    Ultimate Tinymce Buttons
    Many of the buttons available in Ultimate Tinymce were developed by 3rd party, open source, programmers. These are buttons such as the “YouTube”, “Clker”, “Advanced Link”, “Advanced HTML”, and many others.

    I found them in the open source community… modified them to function within WordPress.. and pumped them out into Ultimate Tinymce. This was a fairly easy task for each button… only requiring 10 or 20 lines of code to be modified.

    All these buttons were coded to work with TinyMCE version 3. They primarily used javascript.. and some were up to 5 and 6 years old.. but they still functioned in Tinymce version 3.

    TinyMCE Version 4
    Now, since the update to WordPress 3.9… they have included version 4 of the TinyMCE software. This update is extreme with TinyMCE.. and they have completely rewritten how their framework operates.

    This change has blown out 90% of the addons that were originally written to work on the TinyMCE framework. They simply will not work.

    And it’s not an easy change this time. It’s an entirely new framework. Every single line of code has to be evaluated and re-written.

    WP Edit
    With WP Edit… you are getting the default WordPress editor.. as it’s designed in version 3.9. You are also getting the additional buttons of TinyMCE that were removed by WordPress.

    These removed buttons include items such as “Subscript”, “Superscript”, “HTML Code”, and others. They are freely available in WP Edit.. and nothing has been removed from their funtionality.

    WP Edit Pro Buttons
    Now, the buttons available in WP Edit Pro, are buttons I have taken the old code… stripped it completely down… and re-wrote the entire addon. This doesn’t happen over night. I’ve been working on these for six months. And I’m only halfway done.

    I have locked myself in my basement… neglected my personal life and my family… and worked myself silly in an attempt to get these plugins updated in time for WP 3.9.

    I had a difficult enough time getting the new buttons to replicate their old functionality, that I didn’t have time for hardly anything else. Hell, I haven’t even had time to properly document the plugins.

    In conclusion; I’ve worked on WP Edit for two months. I could have completely ignored it.. and just made the pro version available. But I took the extra time… dealt with all the stress of knowing my premium customers were going to suffer because I had to spend time coding a free version… and got it available on WP.

    I’m sorry the buttons have changed. I’m sorry the new updated has crippled old button functionality. But these are beyond my control.

    The only thing within my control was to begin working feverishly on updates.. and get them released in proper working condition. It is in this regard I know I have excelled.

    The Future
    WP Edit will undergo updates. I can’t make the two years I spent developing Ultimate Tinymce magically work on a completely new framework. It will take time.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • Thank you Josh for an explanation of the problem and I appreciate your hard work. This again shows the inherent problems associated with building on any framework that is constantly evolving and morphing. The downside to keeping open code secure…

    Thanks again, great plugin…

    Plugin Author Josh


    Egg-zactly!! (haha.. Easter fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You’re right. It’s a conundrum… no doubt!
    Thank you.. very kindly ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you Josh.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Thank you Josh.

    My pleasure. I’m glad people are taking the time to read. I know it’s super frustrating.. but we’ll all get through it together! I promise ๐Ÿ™‚

    Is the Pro version ready for primetime?

    Plugin Author Josh


    “primetime”? I’m not sure what you mean here.

    Thank you. I also appreciate you taking the time to explain this to us. Hats off to all of you knutters who take on the challenge of developing and maintaining plugins. Can’t imagine how you do it! Well done.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Thanks @lifespace ๐Ÿ™‚ Very much!!

    Here is another link, which sheds a little more light:

    Josh, you are a TRUE Professional. Thank you for communicating what is going on.

    I know a lot of very good developers that have terrible communication skills. This is for all those that fall into that category. Learn to communicate to your Audience. The #1 most frustrating thing is a programmer, developer or anyone you purchased or using their wears or services and they do not communicate.

    So Kudos Josh! Thank you for all the hard work, it might not seemed pleasant at the time, but it will pay big dividends.

    Keep up the good work.


    Plugin Author Josh


    Thank you, Roy!

    I think many people, with time, will realize the larger issues at play here. It was such a huge update; which affected thousands of people; and some people just needed to ‘blame’ someone, I think.

    I’d be pretty upset to if I came to depend on something for so long (for free), and it got taken away from me. But, I would also approach the situation with extreme delicateness, and research my accusations before risking looking a fool when I realize the person I blamed is actually not at fault. Otherwise, I might feel kinda guilty…

    Roy, I appreciate your comment. Thank you for taking the time to post. I hope, one day, more people can see the world through your eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Josh

    Thank you so much for creating the Ultimate Tinymce plugin. It certainly made my life so much easier where no follow links are concerned. I really appreciate all the hard work people like you do for bloggers like myself.

    I have not updated to WP 3.9 yet because of the issues with some of my plugins. I am so glad I took the time today to check out the information on the WP update and your Ultimate Tinymce plugin because I have someone who takes care of my WP updates for me and last week I told her to hold off on the WP update until the fixes come through for a few of my plugins. Otherwise she would have updated last weekend!

    I have a question I hope you can answer and keep in mind I know absolutely nothing about coding and plugins.

    Once the WP update is applied to my site Ultimate Tinymce will no longer function properly and I will need to install your new WP Edit plugin to use some of the functions that were available in Ultimate Tinymce.

    But with the WP update some of the functions that were available in Ultimate Tinymce will now be available the WP 3.9 update?

    So I am wondering what is going to happen to all those links that I have set as no follow through the Ultimate Tinymce advance link button?


    Plugin Author Josh


    Hi, and thanks for posting.

    Well, I’m 99% certain that the nofollow link is added to the inline content of the editor. You can verify this by visiting a post/page where you have previously inserted a nofollow link.. switching to the ‘text’ view.. and make sure you see the link wrapped in an <a> tag with nofollow attribute.

    If you do, then these are NOT going to be affected by deactivating Ultimate Tinymce or switching to WP Edit.

    WP Edit does not currently have a nofollow link option.. but I am working on creating at least something that will allow nofollow, that I can get into the WP Edit plugin.

    I feel I owe you an apology. I had no idea that you were having to go back to start from scratch on so much. I wish I could undo the 3.9 update. Your plugins are so good that I’ve forgotten how basic it was editing without them.


    Thanks for explaining that. Good luck with WP Edit. As for the WP update I will be holding off for as long as possible or until the automatic update gets me.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Thank you.

    Your plugins are so good that I’ve forgotten how basic it was editing without them.

    Wow – This really hit ‘home’. Probably the most genuine statement I’ve heard (sorry to everyone else being totally cool during this process… but wow, what a remark!)

    Thanks to everyone!

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