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  • Hi

    There seems to be serious bug (well that I can see). On my product list page I have 3 test products. I have re styled the way the products are displayed and that works fine for the first product.

    However the next 2 products seem to be using a different style sheet (product quantity and variation bordered).
    The thing is all 3 products are using the same style sheet and the same product list php file.

    Another issue that seems to be happening is that no matter which add to cart button is clicked only product 3 is being added to the cart.

    The SKU/variations also seems to be buggy… If I dont give the product an SKU. In the variation area it puts the price under sales price and sales price under SKU. If I do then give the product an SKU it puts the pricing in the correct columns and under SKU it says N/A

    Site address is

    Fieldset for Test product 1 – Variation is as follows:
    .default_product_display .wpsc_variation_forms {

    Fieldset for Test product 2 – Variation is as follows:
    #default_products_page_container {

    This has also been posted on the Get Shopped forum though I suspect a I am likely to get a quicker response here.


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  • Also…

    When setting up variations or variation sets and you click the add/update button nothing happens…page doesnt reload, variations on the right dont dynamically update…nothing…its as though you didn’t click the button at all.

    Refresh the page however and your variation changes appear


    So while setting things up I have been working with IE9 with the F12 IE7 display, Chrome and Firefox 6 and Safari

    Switching IE9 F12 developer tools back to regular IE9 gets everything working as it should. However still broken (as described above) in Firefox and Chrome and Safari.

    I am so at a loss as to what to do

    I was having the same problem with the sku deal. I then, added 100 total to the # that was in stock for that particular product. I’m guessing that if you give a product a sku # without specifying how many you have in stock…it assumes that it’s out of stock and you shouldn’t be allowed to add it to your cart in the first place. Could be right could be wrong but it works if you bump up the inventory.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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