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    I want to put sales tax for Missouri into the field but I need it to be 7.55%. Unfortunately I can only input 3 digits including decimal so I can only put 7.5%. While I would love to cut the taxes I don’t want my client to go to jail. Please tell me what I need to change to get an extra digit. I see tons of people talking about tax rates being X.XXX in regards to the “sales tax charged for every state” issue which seems to be about 9 months old and COMPLETELY UNRESOLVED!

    Admittance of ignorance:

    Ok, so I know this question has an easy solution because I can’t even find the dang question anywhere except buried away deep in a nested comments thread on the wp ecommerce website. There it wasn’t even addressed but passed up which took me about 30 minutes of reading to realize it was ignored.

    I have spent the past 3 hours trolling forums, blogs, and the usual suspects. I signed up at wp ecommerce at the beginning of this 3 hour adventure but have yet to receive any account info in my email.


    I run several brick/mortar businesses and have just entered the world of e-commerce recently. I would like to use the WP ecommerce Gold cart but if I seem to be stuck on a minor issue and they make it difficult to find support I am reluctant to pay. I also noticed as previously mentioned the state sales tax applied to every state issue which has tons of threads with ZERO response from the developers. Anyone else have experience with this? I would like to support this product but want to make sure they will support people willing to pay. One thing I have quickly learned is that developers seem to operate under a different code than brick/mortar, meaning the customer is rarely right, not always.

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  • Hello Scott,

    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing the wp e-commerce blues. This module seems kind of scandalous to me because it talks hard about all this fabulous functionality and has a flashy web site, but if you do the research and get in to using it, most likely you will run into about 15 dead ends, read many cries for help from others that go unanswered from instinct.

    It seems to me that their software is complicated enough to look like it is really good to get you into taking the time to install it all, but then when it comes to the rubber meeting the road and everything working, they just want to you to buy the gold cart.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about giving credit where credit is due and paying for work. What I don’t like is someone representing that there is this free, yet, what is free is a pile of craziness that can barely get off the ground.

    I emailed instinct asking for support and they said:
    “the free version is supposed to be a starting point for developers.”

    So while this module might be great, you should look at it with the intention of purchasing the gold cart because the free version is guaranteed to burn up your budgeted hours faster than you can say: configure my store to work with paypal.

    baahaahaahaaaaaaa. What a sick joke. wp e commerce for “free” … right.

    I have the same problem. I need to apply 8.25% for my state, plus a different tax rate for the county where I live. I can’t seem to do either of those things with this plugin. Are there any other plugins available that have these issues worked out?

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