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  • I am using balita theme which includes a related products section on each page. All of my products have the correct price, but no matter what page I am on, the related products all say a price of $0.00. I am hoping to just remove the price on related products altogether, but I don’t know what to delete to do that. Any tips?

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  • I ended up going into the wpsc-single_product.php and deleting the line:

    <span id=’product_price_<?php echo wpsc_the_product_id(); ?>’ class=”currentprice pricedisplay”><?php echo wpsc_the_product_price(); ?></span>

    I have tested it on all of my pages, and everything is great! The price is removed from the related products, which doesn’t fix the $0.00 problem for people who want the price displayed, but this is a good fix for me.

    Hope this helps someone!


    I have the same issue, using the same theme, and this is the only fix that’s worked (the last ‘fix’ I came across made every price display as $0 – doh!)

    Ideally I’d like prices to be displayed with Related Items, but this is definitely better than $0, and will do the trick for now 🙂

    Thanks Guys, I was having the same problem, the exception is that The related products only show $0,0 when I’m seeing an Item with “options” (i.e. shoes number 43, 43, 44). Which means when I’m seeing a normal product the related ones are shown with normal price. Since I wanted to show prices, I just removed the variations (by now)…

    By the way, there are 3 lines with that exact same code on the wpsc-single_product.php file. I assume it would be the one about related products..(line 80), right?

    Here’s the site:

    Thanks for posting gave me some light here.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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