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  • Having an issue with changing a product image. I go into the wp-admin, go through the proper steps under the product page, but when I upload the new image and set the width/height it doesn’t take and I get a broken link.

    When I view source to see the problem it doesn’t even point to the image at all which is mind boggling in itself since I used the same method to change a different image just a minute before.

    You can see on the 7th product where the problem lays. Any help in fixing this would be GREATLY appreciated because I can’t even seem to locate the file where the code is to point it at the correct image and make sure the size is correct.

    I’d also like to add that this isn’t my design but I’m the “fixer” coming in to make things better for this company. At a later date the cart will be remade completely but for now I just need that stinking image to work 🙁 …

    Thanks in advance for the help everyone!


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