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    I am encountering this problem now, and believe others may also facing the same issues. Those who are good at WP ecommerce (, please kindly help. Thanks in advance!

    The problem now is: WP Ecommerce Price Variation isn’t updating the price. At the product page, the price only shows “from $xxx” after the selection of the relevant variation.

    And the Ajax message box which prompts and ask “whether you want to check out now, or continue shopping” disappears.

    However, when I tried to “add to cart”, the cart price is correct. And the shopping cart can update.

    I am guessing the Ajax conflicts with something. but I am not sure.

    Anyone encounter the similar problem? Please help! Thank you very much!!!

    [No bumping. If it’s that urgent, consider hiring someone.]

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  • Update: The issue is not caused by any other plugins. Tried to turn off all the plugin other than wp-ecommerce, the problem still exists. Appreciate if someone can share the idea on the issue. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    Are you seeing any errors in the JS console?

    I am having the same problem. It is annoying the hell out of me. I don’t really give a crap about a price from… I just want to see the updated price each time. Cart works fine, but when a customer clicks from the drop down menu, the price should update itself. Very odd that it does not. Have you figured it out?



    The more your order the cheaper they become per cable. Give it a try. It works when you go to checkout, but it doesn’t update the display price, just says “price from 5.99”

    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    I looked at your site, and you’re right, it’s probably not an issue with other plugins. It’s an issue with your theme. There are indeed JS errors in your console. Consult with your theme developer.

    I also just posted somewhere else about this, but I seem to be having the same issue.
    The more you order the less the price. Rather than seein the “from $xx.xx” I would really like it to show the price of what the customer has selected in the drop down menu. Cart works fine, and updates accordingly, but the price on the main page does not.

    I wanted to report the same problem on a wp e-commerce store. I updated the website to the latest versions of WordPress (3.7.1) and wp e-commerce (, unfortunately at the same time, and now the variations price is not updating according to which variation is chosen. The store does put the correct price into the shopping cart when the product is added to the cart.

    I didn’t notice this not working after I updated WordPress, so I can’t tell you which part of the update caused the code to break.

    I’m not asking anyone to look at the site. I just want to record another instance of this problem occurring.

    My JavaScript skills aren’t going to be able to fix this. We may revert back to the older version.

    Thank you.

    I don’t find any workable solutions, but only downgrade the wp e-commerce, and wordpress, and W3 Total Cache.

    My advice to whoever sees this post this: do not use WP E-commerce if possible, consider to use WooCommcerce, or Magento, which will be even better and more professional.

    I am having the same problem with the default WP theme activated and no plugins loaded. No JS errors occur yet the variant prices do not show up when the dropdown is changed. They do, however, add the correct price into the cart. This did not occur until I updated to the latest WP and the latest WP E-Commerce.

    We reverted back to the previous version of WP e-commerce, and the variant prices reappeared. We noticed three other changes that were a deal breaker and forced us to go back (clicking the “details” link opened the single product page rather than showing the details directly below the item on the all products page; the fancy notification disappeared; and one other that I’m forgetting right now), and it was too much of a change for our users. Everything returned when we reverted.

    I’m not sure what our game plan is going forward.

    After some testing, I found that in my installation of the plugin, when I would pull down the variations dropdown menu and select a new value, no function was firing. I went into the script at wp-e-commerce>wpsc-core>js>wp-e-commerce.js and changed the following line…

    jQuery( 'div.wpsc_variation_forms' ).on( 'change', '.wpsc_select_variation', function() {

    To instead read…

    jQuery( 'div.wpsc_variation_forms .wpsc_select_variation').change(function() {

    Once I made that change, the dropdown then updated the values according to the item I selected.

    Hope that helps.


    I never would have figured that out.

    It does indeed help.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    To reiterate to those here – anytime I’ve encountered this issue in the wild, it is almost always a conflict with a theme or plugin – generally with them loading an older version of jQuery that doesn’t apply the updated .on() method in jQuery.

    I’m running the latest WordPress and WPeC on my test site, feel free to test this product with variations to see the price change.

    I also have been reporting this issue. Regardless of the version of WP-ecommerce, variations stop displaying choice after updating WordPress. I first noticed it when updating to 3.6.1 (skipped 3.6). No change with new test site, WP 3.7.1, default theme (Twenty Thirteen) and only WPEC loaded and turned on with one product and variations. Firefox is showing the problem and Safari seems to be okay. Will try the jQuery change when I get a chance.



    I have to concur. Most often theme developers include jquery incorrectly. Causing jquery to load twice or more or load an incompatible version rather than allowing wordpress to handle it.

    Two tips to tracking this down…

    1. start by using one of the default wordpress themes 2010, 2011, 2013
    (be sure to clear the store template cache in the store presentation settings before testing)

    2. disable all other plugins other than the store

    Test your store… you’ll almost always find your problem is resolved indicating the issue is either a plugin conflict or theme conflict.

    Next enable just your theme (again be sure to clear the store template cache in presentation settings).

    Test your store again if the problem is back you have a theme conflict. If not one of your plugins is conflicting.

    Check the source code of the page look for “jquery.” see if it’s loaded multiple times some times it will have different versions or have .min added to the name either way it means jquery is loaded multiple times.

    Loading jquery multiple times will always cause problems.

    Hope this helps

    hello, i’ve read all comments above and i’ve tried almost all suggestion…
    but it seems not working for me.

    Ok. Here is my problem. i’ve changed product price for example $40 to $44.95 recently. When i choose the size (variations set) and click ‘add to cart’, updated price is applied which is GOOD. But, i was able to click ‘add to cart’ button from the flip product thumbnail image, although size wasn’t chosen, product went to the cart and old price is added. It seriously makes me so upset as i tried my best to fix it..!!!
    PLease help me~~

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