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  • Would have posted this on their forum, but the password retrieval for the forum isn’t sending reset passwords and I see no where to register on the site.


    For some reason the cart isn’t submitting the table rate shipping fee to PayPal. It either pulls nothing (if sending shipping details is set to yes) or it pulls shipping from Paypal (if sending shipping details is set to no) which isn’t correct.

    Any thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • PayPal Express doesn’t work.

    SetExpressCheckout API call failed. Detailed Error Message: Short Error Message: Error Code: Error Severity Code:

    PayPal Pro doesn’t work either!.

    Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/www/ on line 217


    I tried to reply to your message direct to me – but your email address bounced.

    But, in answer to your questions:

    1. You can register here –

    2. Or if you have an account that’s not working, if you can confirm
    username and/or email address it was registered with I can take a look and see why it’s not working. (Probably send me a message through my blog again)

    It’s probably worth getting set up as more people can look at your issuethat way. That said – I’m happy to try and help.

    Can you confirm exactly which payment method you’d like to use, is it
    PayPal Standard?

    If so – can you tell us what you’ve got for each of the PayPal config options in your WP backend. Can you also clarify what is going wrong (with those settings set).

    A link to your site would also be great (Again – via the blog if you don’t want to publish it yet).


    D’uh – just noticed the link to your site. The other find would be fab still …

    Thank you for responding! I’ve been going crazy for 2 days and didn’t know how to get a hold of anyone!

    I imagine I mistyped my email in your contact form and didn’t notice…It should be info <at>

    I really don’t care which version of PayPal I use…As long as it works…I’ve enabled all three versions so you can see what it’s doing yourself.

    The Standard version, the problem I’m seeing is that it’s not registering the per product shipping. Shipping with this site is supposed to be $1 per product for US, $4 per product international.

    Ok, change in the International shipping…
    It’s to be $3 base table rate and then $1 per product.

    The base table rate transfers fine to PayPal…It’s the per product shipping that isn’t.

    So – for PayPal Payments Standard, your settings should be:

    IPN: Yes
    Send Shipping Details: No
    Address Override: No

    Can you try it with those settings, and JUST paypal standard enabled?

    It is already set that way. I’ve disabled the other two PayPal options.

    The password when I reregistered for the GetShopped forums isn’t coming through either.

    Anyone out there?!

    Looks like it’s working fine to me. I’ve placed a test order, and it transferred me to PayPal *with* a shipping charge. E.g.

    Not the correct shipping charge. The base shipping charge is transferring fine for International, the per product shipping charge is not for either US or International.

    Add two Scrolled Heart Rings to your cart. For the United States, shipping is $1 per product. For International, shipping is $3 base plus $1 per product. The shopping cart displays everything correctly. When you go to Paypal, only the product cost and the base shipping (for international) displays. Per product shipping price is missing.

    I’m not the only one with this problem!

    Yikes! Instinct, I think you have a massive problem that needs attention! Paying customers aren’t even getting support!

    Disappointingly this still hasn’t been fixed – [I feel it’s my duty to post this response on all threads relating to this topic!]

    Hi all, having driven myself totally crazy trying to sort this out for the past few weeks, I’ve finally sussed it (annoyingly before reading Reager’s suggestion).

    However, my fix only requires editing one line of code so it might be easier for some people.

    SO – bring up merchants/paypal_multiple.php in your favourite text editor and change this on line 119 (in the latest version at the time of writing):

    $local_currency_shipping = $item['pnp'];

    to this:

    $local_currency_shipping = $item['pnp'] / $item['quantity'];

    And PayPal is fixed! It works for international payments, domestic, etc etc. No more trying to work around it with weights etc. Woo!

    Can anyone help me?

    I don’t understand where i ‘bring up’ merchants/paypal_multiple.php from ?? I have this exact problem and I need it fixed asap.


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