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  • Hi, I appreciate you taking time to read this and hopefully help me.

    I have a few Issues regarding the layout of WP E Commerce cart with the Elegant Grunge theme. Products pages:
    1. Main Catagory/Brand Pages:
    a. Thumbnails too small and poor quality – How do I improve this
    b. How do I make the image a link and remove the text link next to the image box?
    C. Is there a way of writing some text next to the catagory/brand images?

    2. Actual products page:
    a. The layouts are all squiffy – Boxes overlap and cant see text – how do I fix this?
    b. Large amount of space between products – may be sorted once above issue resolved

    3. Shopping Cart:
    a. I have added shopping cart to side bar but it still appears on the all the pages in the main area taking up valuable real estate.

    I must admit I am completely new to this and request any advice is very straight forward, I am happy adjusting the CSS but you need to tell me exactly how to find the relavant bit to change.
    I truly appreciate your help.

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