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Wp-Ecommerce Claimed Stock Issue with limited product quantities (2 posts)

  1. paullewis
    Posted 3 years ago #

    It seems this is a problem for many and has been overlooked by the GetShopped Team.

    Claimed stock is a great feature for normal Wp-Commerce installs where the store owner has 10 or more qty on hand of any given item. For some of my clients this is not the case.... Some clients only have 1 item in stock for each item or unique items.
    This is a problem for several reasons. Currently we have the claimed stock CRON to clear the carts at one hour ( minimum interval)

    Scenario: Shop owner posts a unique item ( one of this item in stock) -Then posts the link to this item on multiple social media outlets. Hundreds of users sign on to view the item and then the first person to put it in their cart ( usually the same person that doesn't actually want to buy the item or a person that has second thoughts claims the item in their cart for claimed stock. The item now shows as SOLD OUT! now the other 99+ potential buyers go on and see the item as sold out... best case they buy something else... worst case they leave the store not knowing that the item they sought out is actually available.

    This causes many items to go unsold and costs the site owner many lost potential sales.

    Possible fix: I have found MANY people have this same issue. I found that a few developers have chosen to have the claimed stock utilize a separate DB table and only remove items from stock once they are actually purchased. This would be ideal yet I have had ZERO luck contacting these devs to see how they did it.

    I was also wondering if upgrading to the Paypal Pro might help this issue along its way... I know the claimed stock is for a few reasons, one to allow people taking time to whip out their credit card the chance to purchase the item they claimed, and two to allow users who use paypal payments standard and leave the site to pay via paypal the time to complete their transaction off the site. In this clients case they could care less about people claiming the item.. they want to sell to the first person to complete the transaction.

    Lets discuss and find a resolution to this common nightmare and major oversight by the plugin devs.


  2. paullewis
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am wondering if we can find a hack-around for this ... losing sales daily...

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