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    WordPress version: 4.1
    WP eCommerce version: 3.9.1
    Gold Cart version: –
    Theme: custom and default themes

    I am trying to create a store that automatically registers everyone that makes a purchase.

    So I have enabled the setting that users must register before purchase and get the registration form on the checkout page.

    I have configured WordPress so that the user can’t enter their own password but simply gets a randomly generated one by email. They also don’t have separate user names but the email address is used as the user name.

    The registration form on the checkout page is ignoring all of these settings and instead:

    1. Asks the user to enter a password
    2. Asks the user to enter a user name in addition to the email
    3. Asks the user for the email address twice since the email address is also asked for in the checkout form
    4. Does not send out any emails when the user is registered this way
    5. Shows an error if you leave the password empty although the user is still created with a random password (no one knows the password since neither the user or administrator gets the email notification)

    I have tried modifying the wpsc-shopping_cart_page.php template page under my theme but I can’t remove any of the extra fields since they are still required by the validation and the field validation is located somewhere else than in the template file. I haven’t been able to locate the form validation or figure out a way to modify it so that the next version of the plugin won’t overwrite the change.

    Even if I were able to remove the fields from the validation somehow there’s still the problem that the password is not emailed to the user as it should. I have no idea how to get around this problem.

    I also tried disabling the register before purchase setting and adding my own custom registration using the register_new_user() function. Then the validator that checks if the email address is already in use is however missing. This is a crucial part as you shouldn’t be allowed to register and purchase if you provide an email address that already exists. You should instead be required to login.

    I tested numerous plugins that make the registration process more simple but none of them had any impact on the checkout page and its registration.

    The registration and purchase parts are very tightly connceted in this website. There’s no reason to register if you don’t make a purchase and if you do make a purchase you need to get a user account. It’s very inconvenient for the users if they will have to register and checkout separately when all that is needed for the registration is their email address that is asked in the checkout form anyway.

    Does anyone have any ideas or solutions how I could get the checkout / registration process to work as it should and be convenient for the users? Thanks!

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  • One alternative would be if the users email address and password could be added to the purchase receipt email. It would be convenient to get all information in a single mail. Unfortunately the WP eCommerce plugin doesn’t seem to support adding this information into the receipt email.

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