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  • I am integrating a WordPress template. I am having an issue with wp e-commerece plugin and kassyopea theme. My category list is repeating again. This is the live site link: The products and pagination are repeating twice.

    Following is my code:

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    How can I remove this repetition? Thank You.

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  • u r assign product in two different category and u display all category in product page check it

    I had checked it. I am assigning one product to single category only. Also i’m listing the “product-category” itself. Not on a product page.

    in setting>>store>>Product Page Settings
    change (Select what product category you want to display on the products page:)


    Hi mukesh,
    I don’t have a product page to display all products. Instead of that I have only categories. I had already assigned each product to each categories. On the left side, you can see all my categories. When you click on each category it shows all the products inside that category. But my problem is, in that category page those products and pagination are repeating twice. You can see that in this link. Only change in the second repeat is the first product is missing.

    I need to display these products one time only on that category page. How to remove that second repetition?

    hy bro,
    u r giving wrong code to me how i can identified what problem u have
    u r using products_page_container 2 times thats wy u got product in two time.
    chack it

    Yes. I saw that in Chrome inspect element. But I’m not able to find that repetition in my files. Can you resolve this if I give access to my dashboard? Please send me an email to [ Email redacted, please do not post email addresses here ] and then I will give you the access to my WordPress dashboard.

    Please help me.

    hi libin,
    which theme u use.
    u send me?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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