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  • I’ve already posted this on the wp ecommerce forum but haven’t gotten a response at this stage

    I’m trying to re order the variations which are similar to wp categories.

    I’m setting up shoe sizes. The term “Size” is the variation and the actual size is the sub-variation.

    Part of the size range is 7,8,9,10,11 etc. This is how I have entered them. But as I add more sizes such as kids sizes and EU sizes etc the number of pages grows and then the sub-variations reorder themselves like so . . .
    10,11,7,8,9 etc
    WP ecommerce allows to drag and drop to reorder but subvariations are now on different pages and I cannot figure out how to get them from one page to the next.
    Plus as I add more sizes they just reorder back to this format
    10,11,7,8,9 etc
    It looks like it’s trying to place them in numerical order believing that 10 comes before 7 because it starts with a 1.
    Has anyone encountered this or can offer a solution
    Thanks for your help.

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