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  • I have installed and modified the Billion Studios Crafty Cart theme. So far so good in most areas.

    WP version 2.8 (new install, never was on 2.7)

    Sorry, I am not overly technical. I am new to this so stay with me, I am trying to give as much detail as possible. Please be specific if you are giving me code changes. Php file name, line #, etc. I obviously am green at this.

    1) On the products page I intended to have a thumbnail of the product and when you click that thumbnail I was hoping it would open to the larger size image or even multiple images. The large size I currently have loaded is 600×400. Instead when you click the thumbnail it just loads forever. I tried installing the Lightbox 2 plug-in and that caused a problem so that when you clicked the products page the top half of the screen was completely black except for the .png nav files. LB2 is currently de-activated.

    If you go to the Crafty Cart demo HERE you will see that if you click the t-shirt, lightbox works perfectly and with multiple images.

    Same issue with never loading is apparent on instinct shop demo page. Am I the only one seeing this?

    2) I cannot find where I can modify the text that appears when a buyer goes to checkout within the e-commerce plug-in files. There are also some fields I want to remove. Any idea which file it is in… there is a lot to look at.

    3) After reading all of the plug-in problems with 2.8 is it a better idea to simply install this as 2.7? Might that solve all of my problems? The only added benefit I like in 2.8 is the line #s in the editor. I have DW tho, so I don’t really need them.


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  • also, rss feed works in ff3 but not ie? in ie takes to a source code page.

    Yes me too, I am having the same issue. My thumbnail image does not load at all. Although I recently upgraded to WP 2.8 from WP 2.7 where it was loading correctly. I’m in the process of reverting back hopefully it will work again. I’ll post if it worked hopefully WP 2.8 fully supports WP-Ecommerce 3.6.12.

    have gone directly to instinct forums in search of help.

    lightbox has nothing to do with it and I have uninstalled the plugin.

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    I am newbie on crafty cart and I need help. Could you please tell me how did you change getshopped url to your domain name url?
    Thank you

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