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  • isabel104


    The Plugin: WP e-Commerce is hijacking all pages and posts, and forcing them all to use this template hierarchy:
    1. page.php
    2. single.php
    3. index.php

    It’s overriding the WordPress Template Hierarchy. This breaks my entire site. I have many custom pages and custom post-types and their respective custom template files. This plugin is ignoring my custom template files, and instead, it’s displaying my custom pages and even single posts using page.php.

    The documentation at has this clue:

    Developers Note: Please refer to the function wpsc_get_template_file_url in wp-e-commerce/wpsc-includes/theme.functions.php

    Inside that file, I see page.php mentioned around line 1068. That must be where it’s forcing EVERY post or page to use page.php. If anyone knows how to undo this overriding of the template hierarchy, please post it here.

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  • Lee Willis



    It should never affect your post templates. It did used to affect custom page templates (Not standard ones) (See but it shouldn’t do if you’re using the latest release.

    Thanks for the reply, but I had to remove WPEC plugin entirely from that site. It wouldn’t work with my existing posts. I would not risk installing this plugin on an existing site with hundreds of posts again. Although, the plugin works fine on my brand new sites without any existing posts.

    This happened to me as well and I’m rather displeased. I use a RocketTheme theme that runs the Gantry Framework and just installing the WP E-Commerce plugin and activating it caused this issue with all pages and posts, not allowing them to be read.

    While the pages and posts still exist, the links to them come up blank.

    I uninstalled the E-Commerce plugin and deleted it from my plugins but the issue remains where no posts or pages can be viewed.

    I do have a backup of my site and template, but I want to know exactly what E-Commerce did to my theme and what I need to add from the backup to make it viewable again.

    Did you remove the “Pages” that WP E-commerce automatically creates?
    One page is “Products Page”, and the other two are child pages of that one. Delete those 3 pages and your blog should be fine again.

    As an aside, I think there probably is a way to make this plugin work with an existing blog, but I haven’t had time to figure it out. It’s a good plugin, just very sensitive. I think leewillis77 can probably tell you what’s going on with it.

    Thanks for the heads up isabel104. I deleted those pages and it’s running fine now 🙂

    This just happened to me on a client’s website, except nothing seems to restore it. I’ve deactivated and deleted the plug-in, removed ALL the files, and deleted the data from the database, and still all my pages go to the home page, except for post category pages. I’ve re-uploaded theme files, but nothing seems to be restoring it.

    I do have a back-up of the database, but I am reluctant to go that route in case I lose everything!

    I’ve used this plug-in before and never had this happen. It’s a fairly old theme, but I’ve used an older version of wp-e-commerce on an old theme before, so it must be something to do with the newer version.

    Anyone have any other solutions?

    Oh thank goodness…right after I posted my question…I tried one more thing. I reset the Permalinks back to the default setting. And I got my pages and posts back. I then changed it back to custom structure…and it still worked YAY!!!

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