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    This plugin, along with the gold cart, used to be my favorite solution for basic eCom through WordPress.

    Now I find myself spending more time trying to fix fundamental issues with the code in the plugin than I do building a simple store. The basic shopping cart functionality does not even function properly anymore, without hacks. The last few updates have turned this smooth and simple plugin into a shambling mass of JS and PHP errors.

    The support forums are dying, premium support forums are “temporarily offline,” and the developers are nowhere to be found. What can be done?! I’ve wasted too much money on multiple Gold Carts to abandon it completely – I’ve still got to support those old installations – but I can’t waste any more time going forward with this plugin.

    So, I think all I can do is warn you. There was never any real documentation to begin with for this plugin – and now it is severely outdated and nearly completely incorrect – and if you install this, thinking it will be an easy way to setup a store – prepare for headaches.

    If you are upgrading to 3.8 from any older versions, prepare to have your entire theme broken – without any documentation on what has changed in themes, what works and what doesn’t. I guess they expect us to just check out the code in the new theme and adapt.

    And I must recommend you do not spend any of your money on any of the “premium upgrades,” at least not until Instinct/GetShopped can come out of hiding and possibly explain themselves.

    Rest in peace, WP-E-Commerce! I’m going to Cart66!

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  • De Fenestrated


    I agree. I have spent too much time wading through code, hacking and even styling the look through multiple style sheets. After all that, it still was not working in the most fundamental of ways. WP-E-Commerce documentation and support is pretty much non-existent, which makes the buggy code more buggy. But, these are really just the surface of the problems I encountered. I urge other designers/developers NOT to use wp e-commerce, nor the GOLD CART upgrade, but to try some other products, such as Cart66. Recently, I have been working SHOPP and eStore by Tips and Tricks HQ. There is a nominal cost, but the time saved is worth it. The documentation will have you up and running in no time, and there is someone on the other side, if you should need support.
    So, yes, R.I.P WP-E-Commerce.


    They have developed a new website for themselves instead of fixing the many bugs in the product. This broke the ‘support’ forums for weeks. Important things are broken with every product release.

    Case in point – newest premium version of Gold Cart explodes on contact. Check the getshopped forum.

    This plugin is awful…. i will never use this POS AGAIN…

    This plugin is awful…. i will never use this POS AGAIN…

    Interesting, this post is not showing up in the ‘top ten’ on the main plugin page, although it is quite active…

    I want to delete all parts of this plugin. After I delete the plugin in the admin, what else needs removal?

    Yes, agreed. Amazingly unprofessional. I am a paying customer and they do not respond!

    Where can I get real help from other users? I inherited two other webmaster’s wp e-commerce installs, and upgraded them to GoldCart for merchant gateway purposes. Big mistake.

    And these clients don’t want to change carts…

    Any sort of banding together of those of us who’ve solved our own issues? Places where solutions to some of these hacks are found?

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